All civilizations have advantages, but some feel downright unfair when encountered as opponents, find out who they are!

5 Biggest Assholes in Civilization VI

All civilizations have advantages, but some feel downright unfair when encountered as opponents, find out who they are!
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Civilization VI is the newest entry in Sid Meier's Civilization series, a highly acclaimed 4X strategy series where players pick a civilization, its perks (and weaknesses) and bring it to glory.

But not all civilizations in Sid Meier's epic are created equal. Some can prove to be a bit hard to deal with, to say the least, while others can even be downright infuriating at times, if you encounter them at the wrong point in the game.

This article showcases 5 civilizations that have the potential to truly ruin your fun if you're not properly prepared to counter them.

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5. Sumeria

Sumeria has a big advantage in the early game that if properly exploited, CAN prove to be quite powerful.

Sumeria is able to get their special unit at game start -- and it gets no combat penalties against spearmen like other cavalry units do. What's more, Sumeria can also levy armies from city states for half the cost, a pretty useful bonus and in the hand of an extremely aggressive AI, this can lead to a very quick early game expansion. That's bad for you if you happen to be their neighbor.

Of course, they can be countered just like any other civ, but getting such an early start doesn't help the matter. Just survive long enough to build a wall --Gilgamesh becomes much less of a threat after that.

4. China

China works completely differently than Sumeria. The Chinese empire often seek a cultural victory over domination.

However, that doesn't mean they won't cause a problem for your civ. China gets the Crouching Tiger Cannon relatively early in the game. It costs no resources to make and is a powerful short-ranged ranged unit China also has the ability to build a great wall upgrade in any tile. This will initially grant defense and gold and later on, tourism bonus.

Combined with China's ability to get an extra build order from all their builders and the fact that Eurekas and Inspirations give China a bigger boost than any other civ, it's not hard to figure out that if not stopped early on in the expansion phase, the Chinese empire might start turtling up and just bide its time until a Culture Victory.

If China were to spawn in an isolated position, it might make it hard to achieve a victory against them. So if you're playing against China, find them early and find them fast.

3. Arabia

Arabia has the potential to be really annoying in the midgame.

Their unique units, the Mamluks, which replace the Knight, are able to heal every turn, even after moving or attacking. This gives Arabia the ability to use Hit and Run tactics to destroy superior foes.

Coupled with the sizable science and religion bonus they get if they are not beaten in the early game, it becomes incredibly hard to gain a victory condition before they achieve their Science victory.

2. Germany

Germany gains some pretty powerful bonuses: its cities can build an additional district, and they get a sizable military bonus against city states.

Thus, they can quickly and easily snowball into a military powerhouse and try for a Domination victory relatively early on. This may prove problematic if they spawn near your civ in the early game -- and you aren't playing a civ that has an early military focus like Sumeria or Schythia.

1. Schythia

Schythia is the troll civilization.

The ability to build light cavalry (or their unique units) and get another unit free, units getting stronger while fighting against wounded enemies, and recovering health whenever they eliminate a unit gives Schythia a very big advantage in the early to mid game.

If you happen to be near them, chances are you'll be overrun and your capital will be conquered by their unending hordes of light cavalrymen. Needless to say, it will be very hard to counter this arsehole of a civilization.

What do you think? Do you agree with our picks? Do you think that other civs are more of a pain to deal with than those mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!

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