WWE 2K16 is a great video game with a ton of cool moments and moves, come check out the very best the game has to offer!

5 coolest things in WWE 2K16

WWE 2K16 is a great video game with a ton of cool moments and moves, come check out the very best the game has to offer!
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WWE 2K16 released 2 weeks ago in the U.S, a little less than that in Europe, and it's a great improvement upon the previous installment. In fact, you can read our positive review right here.

It's a great wrestling game that we're enjoying very much, and we thought we'd share some of the best things in the entire game. Of course, we could have just given 5 moments that all involve Stone Cold but we tried to limit ourselves when it comes to that endless well of entertainment.

The following 5 slides include some gameplay, creations, and more, so you'll see a nice range of what the game has to offer. But let's stop beating around the bush, read on and hopefully you'll discover something new!

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Brock Lesnar's Double F-5

Double moves isn't new to the series, we've been able to do them ever since Ryback began destroying two jobbers at once using his Shellshock. However, the sight of seeing Brock Lesnar hoist up two stars and F-5 them to hell is awesome.

To do the move you just have to have three finishers stored and you can do a double finisher with the F-5, AA, Chokeslam, or Shellshock.


Yes you can actually play in the iMPACT arena in WWE 2K16, thanks to a very talented community creator. The arena was uploaded and shown off on Reddit by a user known as -MEV, who creates a lot of great arenas. For the iMPACT arena he even gave the ramp the TNA yellow design. If you want you can download the arena via the community creations and play with Sting and Christian, to make it feel that much more authentic.

This option will be even more enjoyable when Samoa Joe lands as DLC, then we can download a great CAW AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels, and recreate some magic.

Breakout RKO's

Breaking-out during another Superstar's entrance is definitely one of the most fun things you can do in all of WWE 2K16, as well as attacking them from behind on the ramp, but nothing beats doing it with an RKO.

Of course, Randy Orton is known for hitting his RKO finisher from "outta nowhere", there's even hilarious GIF's and internet videos dedicated to it, so it fits with the break-out mechanic perfectly. As seen in the video above, allowing Kalisto to flip into the ring, roll forward and right into an RKO is insanely cool, and helps add to the realism.

Catching Finishers

Similar to the break-out mechanic, catching finishers are an awesome way to completely catch your opponent off guard.

Just as your opponent comes off the top-rope for a high-risk manoeuvre, you hit him with a Spear....or a Sweet Chin Music, or a Tombstone, or an AA, or, of course, an RKO. Catch finishers are a real fun addition to the game that can change everything in an instant.

Relive Stone Cold's Iconic Career

Sure this one is fairly obvious but this is the only time we'll ever get to play through the Texas Rattlesnake's entire career, and in minute detail no less.

Playing the matches, which have challenges and cutscenes that help make it less of a slog, and getting to watch all of the predictably fantastic video packages that explain and flesh out rivalries. Steve Austin's career in WWE, and even some WCW, is lovingly recreated in WWE 2K16 and it's a joy to play through.

Those are the 5 coolest things we've found in WWE 2K16. Of course there are some great moments involving the MyCareer mode and there's always a ton of great community creations but those 5 topped the list.

From break-out RKO's to double F-5's, there's a ton of cool stuff to find and play with in WWE 2K16. Also, that glitch is just hilarious. I mean, we know Ziggler can sell but wow!

If you liked these choices, or think there's something we should have included, let us know in the comments! WHAT?! I said the comments. WHAT?! Comments! WHAT?! Disqus! WHAT?! Livefyre! WHAT?! Google+! WHAT?! You get the idea.

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