5 DiRT Rally Mods That Need to be Ported to DiRT 4

Better camera control, wheel feedback, and physics are all desperately needed for this entry in the series.

Better camera control, wheel feedback, and physics are all desperately needed for this entry in the series.

DiRT 4 has been out a week and its reviews are “mixed” on Steam, with many early adopters complaining about basic functions like camera controls and physics: the heart and soul of any vehicle simulator.

Clearly there are some tweaks that need to be made — and while updates and patches will be necessary, it’s usually the modding community that puts together the best fixes and adds more content to the game for players to sink their teeth into. And to pay homage to the popular racer that came before, here are the top 5 DiRT Rally mods (and fixes) we want to see ported to DiRT 4 ASAP!

Enhanced Camera Control

Even with six different camera perspectives to toggle through in DiRT 4, there’s never one that’s quite optimized for every player’s taste in every single situation.

Issues with the camera zooming in and out or stuttering during transitions have been a frequent complaint among Day 1 buyers. While some of that will no doubt be fixed in impending patches, a home-brew mod could solve many of these problems and improve the game overall.

One of the most-downloaded mods for DiRT Rally is an Enhanced Camera Control that greatly expands the seat adjustments and field of views for far more (and more satisfying) angles from head, dash, bumper, and side cams. In particular, this one could also really help out some of the exterior camera shots in DiRT 4.

 Dirty Rally Adjusted Camera Views With Mod

Impact Force Feedback Review

This has got to be one of the biggest complaints so far with DiRT 4 — anyone using a standard controller is having an alright time, but players with expensive steering wheel rigs are wishing they’d bought something else.

There’s just not enough road feedback coming through in this iteration of the game to make a wheel setup worth using here. The Impact Force Feedback mod drastically improved the situation in the previous game, and it’s going to practically be mandatory for DiRT 4 players whenever someone gets on modding.

 Did you drop the cash for something like this? Don’t bother with DiRT 4 until the mods show up.

Improved Replay Cam 

It seems like this is an issue during early launch with most driving simulators — bugs where sound cut in and out, or poor camera positioning kills the replay. DiRT 4 also doesn’t currently feature a native, in-game option to record those replays for watching later.

DiRT Rally’s Improved Replay Cam mod is a must-download for a more thrilling replay experience with better angles and cuts, and that will need to be on the first things modders get on for DiRT 4.


The word is right there in the name of the game, yet all the promo shots always seem to feature pristine, newly-washed cars. Yeah, you get dirty during a stage, but there’s a lot of room to make this series live up to its name even further!

The DiRTIER mod for DiRT Rally featured a killer slider option letting you switch between 0.5x (for screenshotting clean car purposes) all the way up to 2.5x — and then even Overkill mode for a vehicle just absolutely covered in mud and grime to the point the car was no longer recognizable!

Getting Dirtier!

RFPE Project

While DiRT 4 does have both Gamer Mode for those who just want to have fun and Simulation Mode for those who want to be challenged with something more difficult, the general consensus so far is that the handling overall feels empty and lackluster without enough feedback.

That’s where the RFPE Project came in for DiRT Rally — altering the physics, dynamics, and overall performance of a rally car for a more realistic experience. The cars need to have more weight and drift, and a mod like this one would do just the trick.

Those are the top five mods we hope get ported over to DiRT 4 as soon as possible! What do you want to see make the transition when modders get on fixing up the game and the Steam Workshop becomes available?

If you’re still set on playing DiRT 4 vanilla without waiting on mods, be sure to check out the rest of our DiRT 4 guides to get ahead of the curve in this new racer.

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