5 Fantasy Worlds We’d Love to See Rebuilt in Skyrim

There are countless fantasy worlds from literature, video games, and cultures and traditions. What are some that would make great locations if modded into Skyrim?

There's no doubt that Skyrim has gorgeous locations and landscapes. From the arboreal forests that surround Falkreath and all the way to the icy tundras around Winterhold, the game definitely captures the perfect view of the world.

However, with mods, anything is possible. You can create your own weapons, quests, items, and even worlds!

Speaking about worlds, the following slideshow highlights five fantasy worlds that we wish were modded into Skyrim. They were chosen based on their beauty, significance, and overall appeal from pop culture, other video games, and works of literature.

5. Wonderland

Talking doorknobs, giant mushrooms, potions that either make you a giant or a microscopic creature -- we're obviously talking about Alice in Wonderland. If any of you have read the book or watched the film/television adaptations of this classic, than you can surely understand why such a setting would be suitable for Skyrim

The land is almost like a fairy-tale... a very bizarre and strange place to be in. Just look at the image above! Is it unusual to see mushrooms that big? Sure! But remember that this place is called Wonderland for a reason.

Besides the setting, this place would be ideal because you could potentially embark on quite a few interesting journeys and encounter fascinating characters to say the least. Exploring this land of wonder will definitely prove to be a one-of-a-kind experience.  

4. El Dorado

The city of gold may be just a legend, but nonetheless, this iconic location is worthy enough to be included in our list. El Dorado, whose origins are from South America, is full of gold! And we all know how much we love gold -- especially since it's a bit too difficult to come by in Skyrim

We know that this might sound a bit strange at first. How can a city all the way from a southern and tropical region end up in the cold heartlands of Skyrim? The truth is, it doesn't really need to. It could be a hidden civilization somewhere deep beneath the earth, similar to the intriguing Dwemer ruins.

3. Atlantis

We're fairly certain that many of you have heard of this place at some point. A kingdom that became submerged underwater, never to be found again... until now! Or, in Skyrim to be a bit more specific. 

The reason Atlantis is on the list is purely because of its location. You might talk to a specific person, or come across some kind of an event, which sets the quest to discover the city in motion. The best part is, it'll all be underwater, so make sure to pack a lot of potions of waterbreathing (unless you're an Argonian)!

Let's also be honest here. There isn't much going on deep underwater in Skyrim. There really isn't anything to explore or discover. This location, if composed as a mod, would be perfect for exploration and adding fresh new ideas to a neglected part of the game. Who knows? You might also come by a number of unique characters, weapons, and gear that pertain to Atlantis. 

2. Hyrule

Ah, yes...Hyrule. The famous setting for the majority of Zelda games. Why wouldn't this place be on our list?! It's enormous, there's lots do to, and of course there are many different temples, castles, and dungeons that span across Zelda games like Twilight Princess, Ocarina of Time, The Minish Cap, and many more!

Just imagine the opportunity to explore all those enchanting places from all these games in Skyrim. Not only would it be extremely epic, but that would take hundreds of hours of our time -- perhaps even months! It's also worth to note that the rewards and treasures would be similar to Zelda, if not the same: like the Hookshot, The Lens of Truth, the Boomerang, and a heck of a lot more.

Hyrule is just bursting with character and opportunities to be recreated in Skyrim.

1. Asgard

Whenever I play Skyrim, I keep thinking of the Norse mythology and pantheon inspiring it. Nords (citizens of Skyrim), sound almost like Norse, Shor sounds like Thor, and the whole game world seems like a perfect spot for Norse influence (bitter winters and winds of the North and all that). It's also worth noting that the game's fishing vessels and ships look quite similar to Viking ships, and the game's house designs resemble those of Viking huts. Of course, there are many other similar factors that can be listed here.

The reason we have selected Asgard is because, in Norse Mythology, it is home to the Norse Gods and Goddesses. Each one has their own hall in Asgard, where they live. The rainbow bridge, known as Bifrost (seen above) connects Asgard to Midgard (Midgard being Earth).

And since the game and the Norse mythological aspect have much in common, it would only make sense to dedicate Asgard to the Gods and Goddesses of Tamriel/Skyrim. You could pay them a visit, and embark on their quests to fulfill their wishes for great rewards. 


Obviously, there are so many more equally rich fictional and fantasy worlds out there. What are some that you wish to see modded into Skyrim? Let us known down in the comments!