5 Final Fantasy Games That Should Be Remade Before Final Fantasy VII

There's too much Final Fantasy VII already. So Here's a list of games in the series that should have been remade before it.

There's too much Final Fantasy VII already. So Here's a list of games in the series that should have been remade before it.

So Final Fantasy VII is getting a current generation remake. This is making a lot, and I mean a whole hell of a lot, of people really happy. Unfortunately, I can’t really share in that happiness because I don’t like the game that much. Call me contrarian, call me edgy, you can even call me an idiot. The fact of the matter, though, is that I don’t like it all that much and don’t think it should get a remake. We’ve had enough of Final Fantasy VII — give me a remake of a different game in the series.

Give me any of the ones on this list.

 Final Fantasy

The original, the one that was actually supposed to be final. If we’re talking remakes, I don’t see why this one shouldn’t be on here.

Yeah, yeah, I know they brought this one and a bunch of others back with updates for mobile devices and the like. I’m not talking about those, though. I think it would be cool to have this game re-done for the 3DS. You could even give the characters some actual, well, character. It would be tricky to pull off, but I think it could be pretty rad. Plus, let’s face it: The game deserves better than that really bad looking mobile phone version it got a few years back.

This one should be remade before Final Fantasy VII for one reason only: it came first. Why wouldn’t you want to save your “in case of emergency, break glass,” game remake for a bit later and start re-imagining your entire franchise from the beginning? It’s probably not a solid argument to some, but I think it would have been nice to see. 

Final Fantasy IV

Arguably one of the best Final Fantasy games, this is many peoples’ favorite in the entire series. For an entry like this, that actually has fleshed out characters and the like, I think it would do best being remade like Final Fantasy X or XII.

The Final Fantasy games after those two are just too different. So I say keep it kinda simple and just make the remake a PlayStation 2 style Final Fantasy, with fully 3D characters and environments and the turn based (or pseudo turn based if we’re talking about Final Fantasy XII) that fans of the series love. Admittedly, this one has probably the best current remake of all of the ones on this list, but a full 3D remaster would be even more amazing.

This one should be remade because as I stated, it’s many peoples’ favorites. Just because Final Fantasy VII is the most popular doesn’t mean it’s loved by everyone. Square has focused way too much on Final Fantasy VII and forgotten the favorites of many other people. This is one of those favorites and that’s why it deserves to be remade instead. 

Final Fantasy VI

The best main line Final Fantasy game — fight me. If this game were remade to the standards of video games today, I could maybe die happy after finishing it.

It does everything right. The characters are plentiful and all extremely unique with motives to match (excluding Gogo and Umaro). Hell, the story is expertly written and paced to the point that almost every Final Fantasy since has tried to copy it to some extent. That’s how good it is. Just remake it — remake it now Square!

With my personal bias in heavy effect, I think it’s clear why this one needs to be remade instead of Final Fantasy VII. It’s just plain better.

Final Fantasy IX

The underdog of the series in my opinion. Quite a lot of people don’t like this one, but I find it very enjoyable. The only Final Fantasy games that are truly not that fun are Final Fantasy II and V.

The only thing Final Fantasy IX did “wrong” was try to bring back the flavor of the older games after the new age Final Fantasy VII and VIII. For some reason, people really didn’t like this and shit on it all the time. I don’t think it deserves that at all, though. It was a nice change of pace from the two games prior. It had a creative fantasy theme that permeated throughout the entire game. Couple this with the cast of lovable characters who had actual emotions and motives for going on their adventure and you’ve got something wonderful. 

Which is why it’s on this list, not just because it should be made before Final Fantasy VII. But because it deserves to get some more love.

Final Fantasy Tactics

This one doesn’t even need the Final Fantasy title on it to warrant being remade. This is probably one of the best games ever made, period. The fact that this game hasn’t been remade is actually a bit astounding. Does Square not like money? Seriously, this will make you a lot of money Square. Do it.

Well, there’s the list of Final Fantasy games I think should be remade before Final Fantasy VII. Like I said, we’ve already got too much Final Fantasy VII in the world. Let these ones have a chance first. Maybe, if you haven’t already played them, they’ll become your new favorite.

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