In UEBS players can create any battle, so why not recreate the battles of Game of Thrones? But which? This list will tell you 5 of them.

5 Game of Thrones Battles You Can Recreate in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator

In UEBS players can create any battle, so why not recreate the battles of Game of Thrones? But which? This list will tell you 5 of them.
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Game of Thrones.

All you need to do is say its name to spark a debate between its hardcore fans. Throughout its seasons, the extremely successful show has had its share of truly shocking moments, twists, gruesome deaths and of course, high-scale battles, all of which have been created in a way to evoke a strong reaction from its audience.

Many of the battles have been witnessed throughout the show’s history, and some have made more of a mark on fans’ memories than others. We’ve seen smaller scale, yet remarkably compelling fights as well as grand and bloody wars. Nothing appears to be out of Game of Thrones’ reach.

Plenty of gamers will be aware of Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. This title, developed by just one man, provides resources for people to create any battle that their mind can conjure up, albeit with a few limitations here and there. Thousands upon thousands of units can be placed on one map and simultaneously attack as the battle plays out in its chaotic glory.

Now what if the creative among us could reimagine famous battles from our favourite games, films or TV shows. Game of Thrones is a prime candidate. The options are most certainly there, so what are some of the best battles that this game gives you access to?

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Battle of the Fist of the First Men

This particular battle is famous for its unveiling of the White Walkers true potential against Man. They never posed too much of an immediate threat before this point, so it sticks in fans minds as a pivotal battle that changed the tides of the show.

UEBS may not have the capabilities to recreate this battle but through using the magic of imagination, it is achievable. Amidst a snowy landscape, zombies (close enough) can easily be stacked in their thousands in an attempt to overrun the frail men that lie in wait. With the option of being able to alleviate or agitate the threat that both sides pose, the Night’s Watch could easily succumb to the overpowered zombies White Walkers that hulk over them. It’s just a shame we haven’t got a dire wolf on hand in UEBS to rip through everything.

Massacre At Hardhome

Continuing with the White Walker theme, we have a battle where, once again, the unanimous victory goes to the blue-eyed monsters, with Jon Snow and a pathetic boat of companions sailing away in disbelief as the lieutenant resurrects what were once his friends into mindless husks.

UEBS could get creative here, having archers hide behind the walls and firing as the Wights attempt to break through (seriously, the sheer power in numbers those archers have is insane), and the rest of the sorry sods being slaughtered on the outside. Jon would be there somewhere, but of course, our imagination is needed for this one. Possess a unit and let him lead you to victory as Commander Jon Snow!

Oh, and we certainly can’t forget the helpful giant, Wun Wun. A friendly ogre would be of great assistance in the simulated fight. Shame the burning log doesn’t come with it.

The Battle of Castle Black

While this battle may seem clouded by the more ominous threats that the show has now shown to us, it still presented both a brilliant piece of directing and a great set piece for a session of UEBS.

Castles are always great fortifications with which to play around, and the Wildlings that attack the Night’s Watch can be reimagined as, well, anything. Archers firing fire-filled arrows at chickens? Ok, maybe not but this is a classic human-on-human battle scenario where the castle’s defences can make or break a victory.

Mag the Mighty also makes an appearance in this particular battle as well, so another friendly (or not so friendly, as the case may be) ogre can help to make the affair an interesting one.

Battle of the Bastards

Everyone hates Ramsay Bolton. EVERYONE. Constantly toying with every one of his enemies makes for a dastardly villain. The Battle of the Bastards sees him sitting on his pedestal with, you guessed it, Jon Snow ready to take on an entire army -- only for everyone behind him to come right at the last second and begin a ferocious battle.

Cavalry units against one lone soldier could make for some hilarious results, and with Jon Snow being who he is, we’d have to give him some crazy amounts of power. Timing the battle so that Jon’s last minute “rescue” could be recreated would be an epic scene, and bringing in some of our favourite ogres yet again could help to add an extra bit of sparkle to the bloodshed.

In true UEBS fashion, we’d also have to take full advantage of the fact that Ramsay Bolton would be sitting on a horse somewhere. Perhaps we could make our fantasies a reality and let our overpowered Jon slice him (and his horse, because why not) to pieces... well, at least we know that outcome was eventually a reality in the end.

The Battle of the Blackwater

Finally deviating away from Jon Snow focused battles, we have Tyrion in the limelight. This battle was a major turning point for many of the characters from the show, and Tyrion’s own heroism is hugely juxtaposed by the Joffrey’s inability to do... basically anything. The crazy explosion of wildfire was also visually stunning and something that ingrained itself into many fans’ minds.

Just like Ramsay, there would be no shame in allowing a weak Joffrey unit to be placed in the middle of battle for everyone to let loose on, but that treat was saved for a poisoned cup.

More cavalry units and powerful soldiers would help to bring this battle to life, and letting loose a nuke to end it on an explosive note would be akin to the wildfire. That level of anarchy hasn’t quite made it into the game yet, but with plenty more content to come, we may be seeing singed boats sooner than we think.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator is still in early access, and with more units, maps and even extra god powers on the way, it’s definitely a game that we will need to keep an eye on.

There’s already a lot on offer, and the simple fact that Game of Thrones battles can be reimagined with hilarious quirks, along with a multitude of other franchises, we can only imagine that the title has a lot more firepower ready to unleash.

Of course, this list wasn't able to focus on every battle and deathfest that the show has graced us with. What are your favorite Game of Thrones battles? Have you managed to recreate any of them in Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator? Let us know in the comments!

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