5 Great Minecraft 1.9 cave seeds for your inner spelunker

It's a long way down for the cave-crawler in all of us, but we're here to light the way with five great Minecraft cave seeds for those of us that want to actually...you know...craft mines.

We all have our reasons for playing Minecraft. Some like the adventure of roaming over the open world, across tundras, through forests, and over seas. Some enjoy progress -- going from the least pointy sticks and mud huts to shiny diamond armor and great stone castles in the sky.

Some of us just like punching zombies over and over, riding horses, or playing the very best Harvest Moon simulator we can find while we raise chickens, pigs, and wheat. 

But it isn't Chickencraft, is it? It isn't Upgradecraft, or Wander-About-Aimlessly-Craft. It isn't even ZombiePunchCraft (though we're holding out for that one, still). 

No -- It's Minecraft. So leave the open sky and come with us into five of the deepest, darkest caves and spooky abandoned Mine-shaft seeds we could dig up in version 1.9. 

Survival Island - Underground Abyss Edition

Seed: -1042433889

At first you'll start on a small island with not much going on. There's another island just next door with a small amount of wood and usually some food, sure, but wasn't this supposed to be a Minecraft cave seed? What gives? 

Well, in a corner of your spawn island is a small hole that puts a deep, dark twist on the classic Survival Island mode, as it leads down, down in the ground. If you can brave the zombies, creepers, lava flows, and the occasional Ender, there's more than enough gems and metals to make the trip worth your while.

Just be careful where you're digging so you don't accidentally flood the place. Down here, not all of us float. 


Seed: 665333132468854321

While we're all dedicated spelunkers here, every once in awhile it doesn't hurt to come up for air. Have a coffee. Chat with the locals. For those part-time denizens of the deep among us, this seed spawns near a village for all your social needs. As a bonus there's a massive, complex underground cave system that'll keep you busy for hours with more than a few openings right next door. 

You know. If you were into that kind of thing. 


Well...it's a mineshaft

Seed: 96909624

At first glance, this fun Minecraft cave seed doesn't look much different from the last -- there's a fancy little village nearby, and more than a few landmarks and biomes around to adventure about in. 

But...where's the cave? 

Well, while part of the fun of rummaging about in the earth is uncovering secrets, we did a little digging ourselves and came up with the perfect spot to drop into an abandoned mine shaft. 

To access this winding little maze of mines and minerals, simply stand next to the well in the village, between the two crop fields, and dig straight down. 

In case you want the exact location to...well, a lightless abyss filled with spiderwebs and monsters...we started it for you in the picture above. 

The Cold Dark

Seed: 106762004

For those of us that dig down deep, sometimes "sunlight and happiness" isn't exactly our bag - there's a reason we spend so much time below ground, after all. So if the endless springs and summers of most biomes get you down, come take a stroll in this winter wonderland before you dig your heels in and get to work on your first cave in this seed. 

Usually, finding the ravine just requires heading east across a fairly sizeable chunk of frozen tundra -- but if you'd rather just skip to the exact spot, look for coordinates 603,66,527. Once you're there, you should see the pictured entrance and the abandoned Minecraft mineshaft (and all the fun those hide) down below. 

There's two villages a fair walk away, but who needs those? We want more caves -- and this seed has them, with another massive cave system that begins at the bottom of a lagoon (coordinates 270,62,320). 

From the clouds to the caves

Seed: 5574457897082764526

First thing you'll notice in this awesome Minecraft cave seed is that you're either very, very high up, or right next to a massive mountain that is. In either case, work your way to the bottom of the towering landmark. There's a few smaller cave systems filled with all kinds of lava and baddies, but that's not our final destination (though it does make for a great fortress location). 

There's not many landmarks to go off of (other than a small lava pool and occasionally a pig that does not understand how lava works), so pop over to the coordinates -210, 66, -154 to find a tiny entrance to a long tunnel that may or may not have a creeper hiding in it. 

After a bit of walking, you're going to find a dead end, but don't worry. Simply look to your right (when you're facing the dead end) and dig around in the dirt, a little to the side and a few blocks down.

You'll find yourself dropped into another tunnel, but at the end of this one is a great lava/water puzzle room, with a ton of metals and rare gems waiting in the walls for those crafty enough to get to them. Should you make it to the opposite side of the room and under the small entrance filled with lava (or just punch your way through the solid wall), there's even more loot to be had.

Now that you've found a few more caves and caverns to conquer, get that pick ready and go craft some Mines! But be sure to come back after you stash all that precious loot and tell us about your own favorite Minecraft cave seeds. We could all use a little more creepy cave-crawling, after all.