5 JRPG Exclusives that Could Make or Break the Nintendo Switch

What famous JRPG series could end up being killer apps if they had new chapters as Switch exclusives?

There has been criticism over the Switch, indeed the console itself seems to be trying to be too many things at the same time, running the risk of not doing any of them properly.

This is most certainly true, it is a risk because the switch isn't particularly portable, but as always what makes or breaks a console more than its hardware is its exclusive titles lineup, otherwise the Dreamcast wouldn't have fared as poorly as it did.

The 3DS has enjoyed a lasting success in the west, much as the DS did prior to it, due to its ability to cater to a certain niche with its titles, hardcore JRPG lovers. With the huge amount of developers backing the Switch it is far from hard to imagine it will have no exclusive titles in such niche.

So without further ado, let us explore the series that if moved on the Switch as exclusives will save it.

Etrian Odyssey

The series, a staple of both DS and 3DS has fared well enough to justify 5 installments, it is particularly hard and unforgiving, something that gave it a cult following among old-school gamers bored with new games that are getting considerably more user friendly and simple.

The Switch will benefit from this series because it will appease that niche, which even if not huge, as shown by the sales of previous games of this series, it is certainly nothing to scoff at.

Dragon Quest

At the moment the series is experiencing a resurge in popularity due to the remakes of the seventh, and soon to come eighth chapters on the 3DS. It is not far fetched to say that the ninth chapter will get a remake, too, if that gets a porting on the Switch in addition to the 3DS, it may end up promoting the console quite a bit.

However, an exclusive new main series Dragon Quest title may surely make the Switch a must buy for many western players and anime fan alike, after all,  Dragon Quest games have had the character design done by Akira Toriyama, -- creator of Dragon Ball -- since the first one,  and his designs have always greatly contributed to pull in possible buyers.

Xenoblade Chronicles

This game was very good, it seriously was. Its sequel on the Wii U was good too and sold quite well for a game on such an unfortunate console.

This, to be honest , is a great IP and nintendo has to do all it can to fully make use of it, a Switch remake of the first two games followed by a sequel may prove to be an interesting and possibly rewarding move, let's just hope that Nintendo, indeed does it.

Bravely Default

The game has acquired a cult following, for many of the same reasons Etrian Odyssey has, since the first two titles were so successful an eventual remake of them onto the Switch is not certainly a bad move. If this is coupled with the development of a new and bigger installment of the series, the Switch would get itself something that would indeed promote it towards a wider public.

To be honest I'd buy a Switch just for this series if it is ported on it.

Shin Megami Tensei

The last few installments of the series have all come out on Nintendo consoles, while the Persona series is still a staple of the Playstation, it is not hard to think that a possible Shin Megami Tensei 5 might see the light on the new Nintendo console.

Given the amount of fan following the series has, both east and west of the pacific, I'm positive that if Nintendo is capable of sealing such a deal the Switch will not end up the way the Wii U has.

What do you think? Do you think these series will come to the Switch? Do you think they would help? Do you think there will be other exclusives we can't even imagine at the moment? Do you think there will be none? Let us know in the comments below!