Redstone takes some getting used to, but these four crafters make it seem all too easy.

5 of the most insane Minecraft Redstone builds

Redstone takes some getting used to, but these four crafters make it seem all too easy.
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Minecraft is, hands down, one of the most creative video games to have ever been released. Developer Mojang managed to implement so many usable features into the title, allowing the community to create some truly impressive, fully-functional builds out of nothing more than some square blocks and a bit of Redstone – the magic material that shines bright red in the caves below the planet.

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Redstone does take more than a bit of time to master, but once a player knows what they are doing, the things that can be constructed are truly beyond remarkable. We can only dream of building items like this.

1. Functioning PC

Minecraft has its roots firmly based in the world of PC gaming, so it makes sense that someone would take the time and energy to construct a fully functioning PC out of nothing but blocks and Redstone. LPG, a self-proclaimed Redstone guru, decided to craft the working computer in-game. It even has a mouse and keyboard, which you can use to select various apps on the monitor.

2. Music Maker

By combining lengthy strings of Redstone along with numerous note blocks, crafters have managed to recreate real-world songs within the voxel world using just those two materials. User grande1899 took things a step too far, though, as he managed to create Let It Go, from Disney’s Frozen. We all know you’re tired of hearing that dang song and anything about the movie. It is too bad he used his Redstone powers for evil and not for good.

3. Digital Guitar

If making music from various note blocks was not cool enough for all of you hipsters out there, perhaps a fully functioning digital guitar would be more of your stature? User FVDisco decided to combine note blocks, Redstone, and a lot of wood and wool to create a massive acoustic guitar within the game. By stepping upon various pressure plats, the player can make some truly melodious music in Minecraft. It is all too impressive.

4.  Zombie Siege

The gaming world absolutely adores a zombie survival game, and Minecraft already has the creepy night-time setting with numerous brain-eating zombies wandering about. User FVDisco, who created the previously listed Digital Guitar, came back for another round of Redstone shaming. He created an entire mini-game, known as Zombie Siege. The mini-game requires players to take on hordes of the undead as they charge at you. It can even be played in multiplayer with friends.

5. 32-Bit Calculator

User Kirk Hendrix has combined one of the tools we all hated during our grade school days: the 32-bit computer calculator. Most of us vowed never to use one of these in our lifetime after graduating, but Kirk decided that should change. He combined 324,812 different blocks within the game to build a massive calculator that is fully functional. We’re like to avoid using it, but it is just so dang impressive.

These five Redstone builds should prove how impressive and multi-faceted the game of Minecraft can be. If these four crafters can come up with ideas like this, just imagine what you can do after spending a couple of months practicing with Redstone.

Have you built your own Redstone concoction? Let us know!





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