Think you're good at Overwatch? Not after you watch these awesome plays...

5 Overwatch Plays That’ll Make You Feel Like a Filthy Casual

Think you're good at Overwatch? Not after you watch these awesome plays...

Most of the time, when you get a Play of the Game in Overwatch, you feel like you're in the pro circuit -- a god among men, with nothing but pitiful players below you to cower under your presence with Bastion or Torbjorn. 

But somewhere out there, you'll find plays so undeniably fantastic or hysterical...that they leave you feeling inferior. The following plays are skillfully executed and downright unbelievable, but the players who pull them off make it look so easy. Take a look at these awesome Overwatch plays, which will make your competitive streak feel as casual as a pinball game in comparison.

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"Is that a pro Hanzo?"

Ah, the mantra of anyone who's been killed by a good Hanzo before. 

This clip exemplifies teamwork and precision in carrying out a defensive wipe in the midst of an army. With delicate timing, Hanzo pulls back the string of destiny and strikes through his enemies for the Play of the Game.

The sheer humiliation of the other team is almost palpable as the death count keeps climbing.

French Frenzy

Widowmaker is a less than stellar character to most players in the Overwatch community. Some even go so far as to boot players from chat and games just because they want to play France's femme fatale.

However, when you ever come across a Widow player with accuracy and consistency, she is a force to be reckoned with. And if she comes after'd best believe you're on your way to a YouTube montage like this one -- only to be found playing custom games with Widowmaker days later.

The best part? That sweet drop shot at the end. 

Bubbles Have Never Been So Deadly

One character who is undeniably difficult to master is Zarya. Feeding off her teammates' success and survivability makes her job a lot harder. But in the hands of someone like Seagull (above), she's as easy as placing a Torbjorn turret.

Feeding off enemy damage, Seagull increases his energy to the maximum, then single-handedly gathers the enemy force and lays waste to them in seconds with his alternative attack. Seagull just brushes off his accomplishment for his stream viewers, like it was nothing to behold.

Shut Up and Dance

Genji. (I'm just going to leave this sentence here as the lone shimada brother slices through enemies solo.)

Dorado pulls off this breezy sword dance while playing on the defensive, and his Genji pillages the team that's pushing. With a simple forward dash to push past enemy forces and split seconds before the damage starts, the enemy is left confused and unprepared for the dragon wielder. Though simplistic in nature, the play is pulled off exquisitely with full focus and complete domination. 

When Everything Just Goes Right

This pro Lucio switches between support and speed, continuously evading enemies while healing teammates to properly protect the payload during overtime. 

At a crucial time to end a match, it seems like all is lost when Lucio is forced out of the map -- only to return to what seems like Boop! heaven. With Mei freezing enemies, Lucio seizes the opportunity to clear the payload and possibly dance on it later.

Overwatch is filled with many different plays that seem almost impossible. And one of the great things about the game is that any gamer will eventually pull something amazing off, and will earn that sweet Play of the Game recap.

For more crazy shooter plays, check out the above compilation of the most recent WTF moments in Overwatch. You're sure to see complete 360 shots, insane aim, and even some cool D.Va things.

What's the best play you've ever made in Overwatch? Got any clips of impressive or hilarious moments you can share? Let me know down in the comments!

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