5 Plushies Every Gamer Needs

We've found 5 adorable stuffed plushies to add to your bed.

We've found 5 adorable stuffed plushies to add to your bed.
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Every child’s bedroom was filled with stuffed animals. Their beds were covered in their little friends. Now as we get older they aren’t friends anymore, but ways to decorate and show off our personalities. Or sometimes they are just too cute to resist. For me personally, I can’t resist a plushie that’s based off of a game I love. If you are like me, these are some must haves.

Animal Crossing Isabelle Plush – $17.99

Isabelle is no longer confined to the town hall when you buy this plush on Amazon. You can take your assistant with you wherever you go. I’m not sure who will watch out for your town while you’re gone though. But rest assured Isabelle will have all your affairs in your room taken care of. I’m sure she’ll even throw the occasional ribbon cutting ceremony.

Leauge of Legends Amumu – $44.99 

Amumu searches the world in League of Legends for a friend. You can make his suffering end by giving him a good home! Sure he has an ancient curse to be forever alone, but in his defense they didn’t have Tinder back in his day.  Be careful, this sad little mummy’s puppy dog eyes may have you grabbing your credit card. 

Tetris Cushions – $99.99 (currently on sale $69.99)

Yes, this is a cushion and not technically a stuffed plush. What’s the difference though?! A cushion is just a bigger version of a plush that you can put your head on. $69.99 seems pricey, but you are getting five cushions for that price. That is only $13.99 per cushion. They are fairly big too. When your friends sleepover each could use one as a pillow or you could combine them to make a giant cushion.

Pokemon Lapras – $16.99

As a Lapras lover, it’s hard to find merchandise. It’s easy when you love Pikachu, but a Lapras is so much more difficult. Please note this Lapras isn’t big enough to ride on when entering Team Aqua’s hideout. However, it’s the perfect size to take with you when playing Pokemon Go.

DOTA 2 Sniper – $39.99 (Currently on sale $29.99)

This little guy even comes with an unlock code for “Imbued Lockless Luckvessel” in DOTA 2. Despite his gun being loaded, he’s adorable. He’s also very squishy. Be warned. If you hear, “You got peep’d” in the middle of the night, it might be coming from your newest stuffed animal.

All of these stuffed animals are so cute, you don’t have to just pick one. Just as in the movie Toy Story, every toy needs a friend when you are away. Get all of these plushies for a maximum number of friends.

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