5 characters from the Star Wars gaming universe that can make it to the big (or small) screen.

5 Star Wars Legends Video Game Characters Disney Can Make Canon

5 characters from the Star Wars gaming universe that can make it to the big (or small) screen.

Ah, Star Wars. The definitive sci-fi/fantasy franchise of our time. Everyone has an opinion on the direction of the series, but no one can deny that it’s been an exciting ride since Disney bought the franchise from George Lucas.

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One issue of contention was Disney’s decision in 2014 to declare the old Expanded Universe of books, games, and other assorted media null and void, electing to wipe the slate clean for the franchise going forward. I’m not here to argue whether or not that was the right decision. Personally, I think it was for the best given the tangled mess the continuity became, but that’s a debate that has been done to death already. It’s not as if Disney’s going to reverse its decision any time soon.

Instead, I’m here to take a look at some of the best video game characters from the old “Legends” timeline. I want to see if any can be incorporated into the new EU in a future game or another piece of associated media.

It’s no secret that the Star Wars video games, as with the rest of the “Legends” universe, have given us plenty of interesting characters. It’s also no secret that the creators of the new EU have proven willing and able to adapt old characters into their works like they did with Grand Admiral Thrawn in Rebels and the Clone Commando Delta Squad in The Clone Wars. I mean heck: they actually slipped a reference to that terrible Star Wars fighting game in Solo, so anything can happen. 

In preparation for the upcoming release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, I’ve decided to make this list of characters, and ponder how they can be brought into official canon via a Disney Plus series like The Mandalorian — or whatever Rian Johnson, Kevin Feige, or the Game Of Thrones guys are doing.   

Prince Xizor (Shadows Of The Empire)

Now, this one’s more of a boss than a playable character, and he’s more well-known for the book and comic adaptations of the game he’s in, but he still counts.

The leader of the infamous Black Sun crime ring, Falleen warlord Prince Xizor makes his mark on the Star Wars universe as one of the most influential beings in the galaxy — aside from the Emperor himself.

Commanding a massive criminal empire and adorning himself in all the finest riches, Xizor sets out to get revenge on Darth Vader for killing his family by supplanting Vader as Palpatine’s right-hand man. To this end, Xizor plans to humiliate the Dark Lord by killing Luke, thus ruining his and the Emperor’s plot to turn Luke to the Dark Side.

During this scheme, Xizor proves an influential figure, hiring all manner of bounty hunters to claim young Skywalker’s life, and Xizor even attempts to worm his way into the Rebellion’s good graces by using his species’ natural pheromone abilities to seduce Leia. But in the end, his ambitions get the better of him, as Vader catches wind of his plot and settles it the way Vader always does this sort of thing.

Admittedly, I’m not as familiar with Xizor as I am with others on this list (I’ve never really played Shadows Of The Empire that much), but Xizor would make for an interesting foe in a Disney Plus series or TV show. He was kind of a big deal back when the game and connecting multimedia “movie without a movie” project came out in 1997. And no, his figure being used as a reference for the crowd scene in The Phantom Menace doesn’t count!

How To Make Xizor Canon

This is an easy one since the Black Sun itself was already brought into the lore proper during the Maul arc of The Clone Wars Season 5. There, it is one of the many criminal groups the former Sith allies himself with to help take over Mandalore.

So, with a few tweaks, it’s well within reason that Luke and company could come across Xizor in the year between Empire and Jedi.   

The Zann Consortium (Empire At War: Forces Of Corruption)


I have a confession to make: when I’m playing Empire At War’s Galactic Conquest mode with the Zann Consortium, my primary army for attacking enemy planets usually consists of Hero units and a couple of Defilers. That’s it. No soldiers, no tanks, nothing else. Why? Because the Consortium’s Hero units are all the army you need.

These guys are awesome, from the Nightsister Silri to the samurai-like Urai Fenn and the mastermind himself, Tyber Zann. The way the Consortium operates in the game is far more subtle than the raid-focused Rebellion or strong-arm Empire; the Consortium first “corrupts” planets with the use of a Defiler, setting up some sort of criminal operation on the world. Then, if need be, they send their minions down to the surface to conquer the planet. Such a strategy might employ Urai’s blades and stealth abilities, Silri’s Dark Side powers, or even the bio-weaponry of IG-88.

With such a deadly cast of outlaws in their ranks, this band of cutthroats lays waste to anything that stands in their way, making them one E.U. faction that’s begging to be put on the big screen.

How To Make Zann Consortium Canon

Another easy one: just have Tyber and crew show up after either the Empire falls or the end of the Sequel Trilogy. Nightsisters already exist due to Mother Talzin and her clan, so Silri can be a descendant of one of them that survived Grievous’ purge back in The Clone Wars.

Neither Bossk nor IG-88 have died in the new canon to my knowledge, and Tyber himself can battle the First Order instead of the Empire. As for Urai, he can be a reject from the old Jedi Order or something. I can see him handling any Order 66 business that would come his way.  

Starkiller (The Force Unleashed)

A bit of a controversial choice here, but I think this guy is pretty awesome.

The secret apprentice to Darth Vader, Starkiller personifies the power of the Force like few others. We witness him take down some of the strongest Jedi in the Order (Shakk Ti, anyone?), tear down with his mind everything up to and including a Star Destroyer, generally reduce the population of a given level to “one”, and, in the finale of the game, defeat not one, but two Sith Lords.

In addition to being a Force-enabled juggernaut, Starkiller has a great story, harkening back to Star Wars’ classic theme of redemption as he abandons his master’s teachings and plays a crucial role in the Empire’s eventual destruction.

Say what you will about the game he appears in (I like it, by the way), but Starkiller is the real deal. Plus, bonus points for Sam Witwer. That guy can sound evil like nobody’s business.

How To Make Starkiller Canon

Okay, here’s where things get tricky. It’s entirely possible for Vader to have taken on a secret apprentice without Palpatine’s knowledge  even in the new canon (although the existence of the Inquisitors puts doubt on why Vader would bother to hide him). We could still have him gathering the Rebel leaders in an attempt to distract Palps from Vader’s efforts to overthrow him.

The problem lies in how his story ends, and I doubt the First Order would name their superweapon after a guy that almost destroyed their dear Empire, so his name might have to be changed. And there’s the issue of whether or not he killed Shaak Ti; it was officially confirmed that Vader did back at the Temple during Order 66, so she couldn’t be in exile on Felucia.

That plays into Mariss Brood’s plot as well. So, Disney will probably have to replace Shaak Ti with a new Jedi  or at least someone who’s death hasn’t been confirmed in an official source.

But everything else could fit in the canon nicely with a few tweaks here and there. I’d just stick with material from the first game, though; the end of The Force Unleashed II just leaves a massive plot hole, and the whole “clone Starkiller” thing is dumb anyway.

Kyle Katarn (Jedi Knight Series)

Hyperspace exists because it doesn’t want to be in the same universe as Kyle Katarn. For a while, Kyle Katarn was jokingly nicknamed “the Chuck Norris of Star Wars.” It’s easy to see why given his backstory and exploits across the Jedi Knight series.

Kyle starts out as an Imperial Stormtrooper (one of the few who could actually shoot), but he defects to the Alliance when he finds out the Empire killed his father. He then:

  • Single-handedly steals the plans to the Death Star
  • Thwarts an evil plot by the Empire involving Dark troopers
  • Teaches himself how to be a Jedi
  • Defeats a whopping eight Darksiders (by my count, at least; I could be wrong)
  • Becomes the top Battlemaster of the Jedi Order
  • Takes part in defeating every E.U. threat from the Yuuzhan Vong to the Dark Side-turned son of Han and Leia (a concept that’s already been adapted into the new movies).

His life story alone is awesome, but what makes Katarn an excellent video game character is how much fun he is to play as. Whether he’s using blasters or his trusty lightsaber, there’s rarely a dull moment behind the beard of Kyle. Plus, has any other Jedi sabered a not-Sith so hard time slowed to a Matrix-style crawl as the baddie fell? Didn’t think so.

How To Make Kyle Canon

Obliviously, Kyle wouldn’t have stolen the Death Star plans given Rogue One already told that story with someone else, but there’s still plenty of room for him to do awesome stuff post-Jedi.

I would have him be one of the new recruits Rey gets for whatever new order of Force Users she sets up after The Rise Of Skywalker (if he were a part of Luke’s order from after Return Of The Jedi, he would have to die in order for the story to work, and I don’t want that any more than you do).

I would then adapt the games from Jedi Knight onward as necessary. Maybe have Dessan and company be some kind of splinter group from the Knights Of Ren or something. Of course, this would all depend on how The Rise Of Skywalker plays out…

Revan (Knights Of The Old Republic)    


Hailed by the Jedi as “The Prodigal Knight,” feared by the galaxy as “The Dark Lord,” and widely regarded by the fandom for his sweet battle attire, Revan could quite possibly be the most refreshing Star Wars character to never appear in a movie.

Depending on your choices in Knights of the Old Republic, Revan’s story could be one of redemption or destruction, they could be male or female, and they could be of any ethnicity or skill-set. But regardless, it’s clear that Revan has made a permanent impression on the galaxy. Just mention him to any character in the game: they will either react in fear to the thought of the Dark Lord or display reverence to the most powerful warrior in the galaxy.

Revan’s reputation proceeds them everywhere they go: providing both a warning to aspiring Jedi about how even the Order’s mightiest can fall to the Dark Side and a tale of how even the darkest of enemies can find salvation. This, combined with their incredible mastery of the Force and their impressive appearance, make them one of the greatest Jedi who have ever lived in the galaxy far, far away. 

How To Make Revan Canon

This is another easy one; in fact, it’s already been attempted in an episode of The Clone Wars before the scene featuring Revan was cut for time.

The KOTOR period is quite far removed from anything we’ve seen in the movies already, so incorporating it, and by extension, Revan, into the current canon is just a simple matter of making a new show/movie/game/book/whatever featuring it.

The only real point of contention that I see happening is what Revan looks like, since the character was customizable in the game. But that’s a discussion for another day.

And there you have it, the the Star Wars Legends characters that I think can make it into the new canon. With the upcoming release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, it will be exciting to see if any of these characters make the cut in future Star Wars media, be that in another game, comic or even an appearance in a Disney Plus show. Until then, May The Force Be With You.

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