Read these 5 tips to help control your game spending habits; also learn how you can play games without having to spend.

5 tips to control your game spending

Read these 5 tips to help control your game spending habits; also learn how you can play games without having to spend.

Sometimes when we want something like video games, our spending can get a little out of hand. We might not think things through first, and before you know it we spent too much of our paycheck on games. To help you out, here is a list of 5 tips to control your game spending. They include tips on spending, and how you can play games without spending a penny!

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5 Tips to help control your game spending:

1.  Budget

The best way to handle your game spending, is to budget. One thing you can do is to deposit a set amount of money into your PayPal account, or Steam wallet on your payday. This way you have a budget that you can work with. You should only buy games out of that balance. So, you can choose to either save up for a game, or spend it all at once, it’s up to you. If you stick to that budget, then you might be inclined to spend a bit wiser to make your money last.

2.  Only buy on sale

There are a ton of places that sell video games, including stores, and websites. You need to shop around and find sales. There will always be something on sale, somewhere. If you don’t find the exact game you want on sale, you should add it to your shopping bag and wait. In the meantime, try getting something that is on sale. You might find another game that you enjoy.

3.  Shop discount websites

There are a few websites out there that have really good deals. Green Man Gaming is a good choice, as they offer 20% off on all their games, including new releases. Humble Bundle is another good website because they offer a collection of games starting at just $1. The price goes up by how many games you want. It’s a good deal, and a good cause because a portion of the cost goes to charity.

4.  Key swapping

If you have any extra keys for games you don’t want, you could trade them for games you do want. There are discussion posts on websites like steam and reddit that people use for key swapping. It’s a good way to get what you want just by giving up what you don’t need. So, think about listing those unwanted keys, it’s a good deal if both people get what they want.

5.  Steam Family Sharing

If a friend or family member already has the game you want, consider Steam Family Sharing before buying the game yourself. With Steam Family Sharing, your friend can authorize you to play their games when they are not. The only downside is that you and your friend can’t play together, and only 1 person can access the game list on the account at a time. Using Steam Family Sharing is great way to save money by playing your friends game instead of having to buy another copy for yourself.

There you have it, 5 tips to control your game spending. You saw how you can manage your game spending, and how you can play games without spending. Ultimately it is up to you to manage your game spending habits. But, hopefully with these tips you will have an easier time.

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