Steam Summer Sale: Top 15 Games You Need To Wishlist Now

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The Steam Summer Sale is looming right ahead of us, with only a few short days left before we can get our paws on the games we've been waiting all year to snag! Scouring the Store pages to find what you're looking for is all fine and dandy, but the entirety of the Steam Summer Sale will go a lot smoother if you take your time and prepare while you still can.

You may not have any friends willing to look at your Steam Wishlist for gift ideas, but that doesn't make the Wishlist completely worthless. The Steam Wishlist shines brightest when you plop a sale down in front of it.

Steam notifies you (usually via email) when a game on your Wishlist goes on sale. With all of those Flash Sales passing by, you won't want to miss that sliver of opportunity for a fantastic deal on a game you've wanted for centuries.

So go Wishlist crazy, and check out our top 15 notable games worth holding out on until the 2015 Steam Summer Sale — which is rumored to start June 11th.

Published Jun. 8th 2015
  • Amanda Wallace
    Former Staff Editor
    Three Fourths Home and Elegy for a Dead World, if you're into interactive experiences.

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