Steam Summer Sale: 15 MORE Games You Need to Wishlist

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The Steam Summer Sale is finally here, and it's Wishlist time. If you haven't already set up your Steam Wishlist in preparation for the sales, now is the most opportune moment to do so.

As I mentioned in our previous list of games, your Wishlist is the ultimate traveler's guide for the Steam Summer Sale. So long as you have games in your Wishlist, Steam will notify you via email (and the mobile app) whenever something you wish for goes on sale.

So crack out your Wishlists and get wishing, there's still a mile of ground to cover. These are 15 more games worth holding out on until the Steam Summer Sale starts.

Published Jun. 11th 2015
  • GameSkinny Staff
    *Quickly scrambles to add Banner Saga and Brothers* I can't believe I forgot about those!

    I'm going to second Transistor until the end of time. It's well worth the full price as it is, so you'd all be fools to pass it up on sale. Fools, I say!

    I'd also recommend:

    Massive Chalice
    Pillars of Eternity
    Shadowrun Returns
    Democracy 3
    Amnesia: Dark Descent & Machine for Pigs (Ignore the haters who didn't like Machine for Pigs, it's a stellar horror game.)

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