These five types of players are quite common in Overwatch. Which are you?

5 Types of Overwatch Players You’ll Encounter

These five types of players are quite common in Overwatch. Which are you?
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Overwatch is the newest fad in multiplayer gaming. Blizzard really managed to score a win when they released this team-based shooter to the world. With so many different heroes to choose from — 21 of them to be exact — there are so many options and play styles available to the community.

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These styles may be unique and quite fun to play, but you can bet gamers will bring their own persona into the mix as well. We’ve already witnessed quite a few different types of players step forward into the arena. These are five of them.

The Natural Leader

Every few rounds, it appears someone steps forward to be a natural born leader and guide our team of heroes towards the win. The dream of simply scraping by in a single round dissipates almost instantly, and this lone hero ensures everyone is calm, collected, and playing the objective.

The Natural Leader has their favorite hero and with that hero they enable everyone to work together, formulate tactics and plays, and bring out everyone’s abilities.

Thankfully, this individual usually has a mic, which makes teamwork far more viable. Even better, they usually aren’t an annoying squeaker.

The Prick

Everyone is capable of having a bad game, sure, but this is the guy who usually points out your flaws and ensures the entire time knows you’re doing poorly that round. The slightest failure or mistake launches them over the edge.

You can bet they will continue mic spamming well into the next round and they usually don’t mind pushing the blame of a loss onto the rest of the team. In the eyes of The Prick, they can do no wrong, as they are more experienced and talented than you.

Honestly, the entire team would simply lose round after round if their heroic performance was not possible. Their skill cannot be matched! 

The Star Support

In the world of competitive gaming, it is difficult to come across a player who uses only support and does so at such a high level that they are invaluable to the rest of the team. Thankfully, Overwatch actually has those types of players relatively often.

The support class within the multiplayer game is quite versatile, as they are not required to simply be a healer, but can also go on the offensive, too. Someone who is skilled at playing Mercy will become known as The Star Support for the team and their skills are invaluable.

This team player knows the fastest path to winning the round, they know when to babysit the Reaper, and they generally don’t take unnecessary risks that could jeopardize the entire team in the long-run.

The Wild Card

Overwatch is a game about working together as a team to accomplish a singular goal: to best the enemy team and win the round. Most players will work together to meet this end, but every so often you come across a lone player who would be considered The Wild Card.

This berserker cares little for the rest of the team. They run into the fray headfirst, firing their weapons with zero regard for anything, and generally just make a mess of a well thought-out plan. These players truly believe they will overcome the entire enemy force by their lonesome, and you have to respect that sometimes.

The best thing you can do is sit back and watch them go crazy, or at least point them in the right direction to cause as much mayhem as possible. Sometimes their tactics work!

The Oblivious Noob

Now, we’ve all been this player at one point or another: The Oblivious Noob. For whatever reason, we all think we’re the very best at a game despite not knowing some serious intricacies of hero abilities or the map’s layout.

This player may have read some guides, they may have watched a few Tips & Tricks videos on YouTube, or perhaps they have played for two hours straight. All-in-all, though, they don’t actually know anything worthwhile.

Instead, they use this false bravado to try and lead the team. This never works well, however. While attempting to take control of the round and their own team, the noob generally finds themselves cornered by the enemy and in serious trouble. Don’t be the noob!

Of course, there are far more playstyles and types of players than just these five, but those mentioned above are the ones you’re more likely to come across in-game. You can choose to be one of them, or simply work alongside them to win a round.

Which type of player are you?

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