We all may have disagreements with our mothers sometimes, but none of them are as bad as these terrible video game mothers.

5 Video Game Mothers So Bad They’ll Make You Thankful For Your Own

We all may have disagreements with our mothers sometimes, but none of them are as bad as these terrible video game mothers.

The Mothers No Child Could Love

Video games have had plenty of notable mothers over the years, from the mothers of the Pokemon series to the Cooking Mama of many talents who can babysit, make crafts, go camping, and enjoy gardening in addition to cook, and everything in between. Ranging from smaller parts to more significant roles, Mothers are everywhere in video games, whether they be good, evil, or indifferent.

But not all video game mothers are created equal, some are sick,  twisted,  and even downright despicable. Mothers aren't villains in video games as often as they are in other media -- such as anime -- but when video game Mothers are bad, they are some of the worst characters around.

Here are five video game mothers so bad you'll be thanking your own this Mother's Day for not being like them.

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Pokemon Sun and Moon Version

At first, Lusamine seems like a kindhearted individual, but in reality, she is obsessed with things she finds "beautiful". This obsession comes after her husband mysteriously disappeared into the world of the Ultra Beasts, after years of trying to find him with no hope in sight.

Due to her strange obsession, she neglected both of her children, although she falsely believes that hey are ungrateful and that she always gave them the attention they needed. She even made her daughter Lily dress in a fashion similar to the Ultra Beast, Nihilego, which she had been obsessed with ever since catching a brief glimpse of it in the past.

Not only does Lusamine neglect her own children, but she manipulates others as well. Lusamine takes advantage of Guzma, the leader of Team Skull, and convinces him to work for her as a hidden mercenary for the Aether Foundation which she founded.

Eventually, she wishes to be in a world where only her and Nihelgo exist, which she views more as family than her own children, since it's more obedient. She's eventually driven insane, but retains some sanity after being defeated by the player and goes into a coma.

With some disturbing obsessions and a terrible hairstyle, Lusamine is definitely one of the worst video game mothers in recent memory.

And you thought the world of Pokemon Sun and Moon was all happy.


The Binding of Isaac

This final boss of the acclaimed roguelike may not have much in terms of characterization, however she is the main reason for all of the horrors Isaac has to face throughout the course of the game.

Due to her massive size, we don't get to see that much of her, but she still proves to be terrifying nonetheless.

There isn't much more detail about her, but she is definitely one of the worst, as well as worst looking, moms you have to deal with in a video game.

The Queen


The Queen is Ico's main antagonist and the mother of the character, Yorda. She intends to sacrifice her own daughter as a spiritual vessel so that she can avoid death.

Her plan seemingly fails once the titular horned boy protagonist of the game escapes, frees her daughter, and goes to find a way for them to escape the castle.

The Queen only appears a few times in the game, preferring to have her minions do her dirty work for her, but it's her intentions which make her one of the worst mothers in video games.

Queen Brahne

Final Fantasy IX

Mother of the real Princess Garnet and foster mother to her lookalike of the same name.

Before the events of the game, Brahne was known as a peaceful ruler, but she seemingly changed after the death of her husband.

Throughout the course of the game Brahne gains weight, turns evil due to manipulation by Kuja -- the main villain of the game -- declares war on neighboring countries and even destroys a few rival kingdoms, orders her henchmen to extract powerful beings from her daughter due to her daughters special ability -- a  rather painful method -- and later repents and dies in her daughter's arms.

Queen Brahne may not have been the best mother to either of her daughters after her husband died, but at least she was able ask for forgiveness, die, and be remembered by her people as the woman she once was.

Ex-Mrs. Hopkins


Sure, main character Jimmy Hopkins isn't the most stand up guy, but can you really blame him? His mother does seem pretty terrible after all.

She leaves her son at private boarding school, Bullworth Academy, so he'll behave better, although compared to some of the kids and even adults there, Jimmy's almost a saint. She may only appear in the opening scene of Bully, but just from that brief appearance we can tell that she would be the kind of mother who doesn't listen to her child even when he has something important to say.

Jimmy is a teenager dealing with his parents divorce and a stepdad he doesn't like, so of course he would act out. Instead of actually sitting down to have a conversation with him, she'd rather let someone else deal with him so she can go on a year long honeymoon vacation.

Perhaps the most realistic bad mother on this list, if we were shown more of her as a character, she would surely be one of the adult bosses in Persona 5.

Thank Your Mom For Not Being Like Them

Luckily, these Moms are all fictional, so you don't have to worry about being their child unless you're a videogame character. 

So when you celebrate your wonderful mother(s) this Mother's Day, make sure to thank them for not being obsessed with a strange perception of beauty, a grotesque giant trying to kill you, or an evil queen.

Also make sure to thank them for having a better fashion sense than Jimmy's mom, because let's be honest, none of our moms fashion senses are that bad.

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