Looking for a mod to try out on Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms? Here's a few that you might enjoy.

6 Best Mods for Medieval: Total War: Kingdoms

Looking for a mod to try out on Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms? Here's a few that you might enjoy.

Since its release in 2007, the Kingdoms expansion for Medieval 2: Total War has received some impressive mods. The medieval setting lends itself perfectly to full conversions, and the community has embraced replicating beloved fantasy settings of all sorts -- as well as simply shifting the historical settings elsewhere in the world's timeline.  

While mods for this game are generally slower to show up than others in its genre, it's clear that the modding community has put in a lot of hard work. (Some mods have even taken years to complete.) To honor that dedicated community and highlight their awesome work, here's a few of the best mods for Medieval 2: Total War: Kingdoms that have come about recently.

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Call of Warhammer: Beginning of the End Times

Modder: Beginning of The End Times Team 

Inspired by an older Warhammer mod, the Call of Warhammer: Beginning of the End Times is intended to provide a more dynamic experience for Medieval 2. The mod boasts a map which is said to be triple the size of the original mod, and gives access to a ton of factions.  

Another cool update in this mod is that the Chaos Incursions will now gather their forces over time rather than spawning randomly near their target, as in the original mod. While the Chaos Incursion gathers its forces, players can hire unique mercenary groups to help them when they need a quick army. 

Download the mod here.

Tsardoms Total War

Modder: Wallachian 

Moving the action to the Balkans, Tsardoms Total War drastically changes the game by introducing a new area and new factions to match. The player is thrust into the fall of the Roman Empire and the following struggle between nearby regions. Additionally, with this new setting, players will be able to fight through some notable historical battle of the time period and area. 

There's no specific release date as of now, but there is a "Battle beta" that players can check out on ModDB.

Chronicles of Myrtana

Modder: rafmc1989

Strategy games are all well and good, but the Chronicles of Myrtana mod aims to create a more unique RPG experience for Medieval 2: Total War: Kingdoms. The mod follows the events of the Gothic franchise, with expansions and addons included in the story.  

The intent to make a faithful Gothic mod led to unique RPG elements being utilized throughout the story, as the player takes control of the hero and begins his journey through the story of the Gothic series.

Download the mod here.

The Last Kingdom

Modder: echuu 

Starting in the year 865, The Last Kingdom mod explores the conflicts of Northern Europe. Players can choose from 13 factions to battle for supremacy across the Isle of England and the mainland. This mod includes new historical heroes and units for players to expand their control.

The period of the Viking invasion is a big draw for the community, with the mod clocking in at a 9.6/10.

Download the mod here.

Third Age: Total War

Modder: TW_King_Kong 

With a medieval setting, it was only a matter of time before someone created a Lord of the Rings mod. And while there might be a few out there, Third Age: Total War is one of the best. It's so good in fact, that it has a considerable number of submods all on its own.  

Third Age includes the major factions that you would expect from the LOTR setting (Gondor, Rohan, Isengard), as well as less commonly known factions (Rhun, Harad, and Dale). The full map of Middle-Earth includes settlements straight from the lore and locations with historical significance, like the Three Towers.

Download the mod here.

Tamriel Total War

Modder: Tamriel Total War mods Team 

The Elder Scrolls is a beloved series among many gamers, and this mod brings all Medieval 2's strategic fun of world domination to the land of Tamriel. This mod contains a detailed map of Tamriel, and the 20+ factions each have their own territories to start with, based on the lore of The Elder Scrolls series.  

Players take part in a variety of historical events -- starting around the time of The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind, and ending 50 years later. With such a long time period, players are likely to take part in a few key events from both Morrowind and Oblivion

Download the mod here.

Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms has a ton of mods available. The few mentioned here don't even scratch the surface of all the awesome content the game's community is making. If you're looking to take your strategic warfare to a new place or time, there are plenty of options like the ones we've mentioned here. Check out ModDB for even more!

What are your favorite mods for Medieval II: Total War? Let me know down in the comments! 

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