6 Mods We’d Love to See in Conan Exiles

Our wish list for the Conan Exiles modding community.

Our wish list for the Conan Exiles modding community.
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There is a wonderful tenacity in the gaming community; a clear drive to create and improve. It has never been more well represented than in the modding community. 

Our favorite games only get better with some help from these rogue developers. We've got our fingers crossed for a few modded improvements for Conan Exilesand whether they're pipe dreams or right around the corner, let's all dream together. 

Inventory Management

Managing inventory in Conan Exiles can be cumbersome.

There's no need to get rid of the "survival aspect" of a player's inventory, but some inventory sorting and dumping mods would make this part of the game a lot less frustrating.

Even higher on the list would be a mod allowing players to access all locally stored inventory while crafting. How convenient! 

Additional Wildlife

There's no need to break immersion, but adding some more savannah-esque animals would liven the worlds up quite a bit. 

A pride of lions or a flock of vultures would certainly add a little diversity, and it's likely the studio won't be adding anything in the way of fauna any time soon. 

Unlockable Combat Upgrades

The combat in Conan Exiles is interesting, but currently a little basic. Even a stun or extra knock back would be a welcome mod installation.

Hiding them throughout the world or having them set to unlock at higher levels or by completing milestone achievements like "Kill X number of X with X" would add even more depth to a server. 


Speedy Mounts

We'd all love a faster way to get around the Exiled Lands, why not via a badass Rhinoceros? It is speculated that Funcom will eventually add this feature, but it's possible the modding community will beat them too it.  

Whether mounts hit the official game or not, there's always room for faster mounts, better saddles, added inventory or increased damage. Plus, who wouldn't want to charge into battle and gore their enemies with a Rhino!?

Tame-able Fauna

This feature appears to be even further down the list than mounts for Funcom, which would make it perfect for a modder to pick up. 

Gators and Hyenas would make great battle buddies, and might be a nice fix for the game's crowd control issues. Providing a leveling system for them would just be icing on the cake. 

Additional Avatars

Out of all the mods we've listed, this one is most likely to be right around the corner. The possibilities are endless -- and if we can go on what we've learned from other games -- hilarity shall ensue.

There will be no limit on the amount of time players will sink into summoning Thomas the Tank Engine or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. 


Whether you think Conan Exiles is a great game already, or you're pretty sure it needs a little help, we can all get excited about what will come out of the modding community. 

What do you think the best mods will be? Do you think Funcom will encourage its modding community or ignore it? Are you already working on a mod for Conan Exiles