7 AAA Games That Would Make Awesome CCGs

Love Collectible Card Games, but sad that they don't include any of your favorite AAA games? Us too, and here's what we'd love to see happen.

Love Collectible Card Games, but sad that they don't include any of your favorite AAA games? Us too, and here's what we'd love to see happen.
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Hearthstone is breaking the scene for CCGs, but what else is out there exactly? There isn't much to compete with it, other than Magic: The Gathering. Though Hearthstone is just a card game about Warcraft, there are many other games out there that could take the same approach and be just as awesome. The question then becomes: what games out there have what it takes? Imagine a game that takes you on the space odyssey of Halo or the war that Kratos wages against the gods? That's exactly what we did with this list, and here's what we came up with.


With three main classes in Destiny, Bungie could follow a route similar to Hearthstone, having several kinds of decks to fight enemies of the Light. The Bungie team could also explore stories they were never able to cover in the main game, allowing them to finally please fans --which is always nice -- and come full circle with some of those loose ends.

But that's not all. They could also just make it where you have cards of all the alien lifeforms, allowing you to wage war with any combination of factions you desire.The content and massive amount of customization would bring about a ton of interesting playstyles and complex decks every bit as intense as Magic:The Gathering.

Call of Duty: Zombies

One of the most interesting card games that could be created has to be Call of Duty: Zombies, which could literally be made into the MTG card mode, the Horde. There could be a game made where you are fighting off zombies with your deck.

It would be an interesting crawl going after better loot, and your rewards would be better power ups, even more in-depth stories, and new content for zombies and the WWII era.What's not to love? Activision can make a cash cow out of this, especially since the Horde is only really played at MTG events and player gatherings anyway.

For Honor

For Honor the CCG is the perfect way to bring about engaging combat and story between the the factions that wage war in the game. Between the Vikings, Knights, and Samurai, there can be so many compelling stories and cards to help develop the game.

They can delve into the stories and origins behind cards that they create, and enhance to a more story based game centered around strategy, instead of just carnage.And the especially interesting part is a pillage mechanic, where you can steal power ups from other factions to use yourself. That alone would help set this game apart from all the others and manage to keep the original's tone and mood.


Halo Series

With Halo being one of the most iconic franchises every created, there are so many stories that 343 Studios can follow now via other channels, now that the Halo games themselves are slowly grinding to a halt.

With the Halo Wars stories also starting to take over the scene, they can create new content and follow the stories of not just the Spartans, but also the Covenant as well. We can also follow the stories of Master Chief and his comrades in arms! 343 can make a system that is just as simple as any -- two factions, cards on both sides, and brawl it out, straight or mixed.

God of War

There are multiple possibilities for a God of War card game. It could turn into a simple adventure or several Kratoses battling it out across the earth. It could easily be made into different eras that one or several games take place in, and, of course, you can customize your own deck/character to fit that era.

The cards that you gain can be power-ups, along with monsters that you fell during your adventures. Along with the many unique stories that are still to open with the Norse God of War, there are many possible storylines they can follow and many cards they could create, as many as there are myths and legends.

Assassin's Creed

Assassin's Creed is another series just begging to be a card game. The war between the Templars and Assassins would be yet another interesting and engaging game, allowing for all out card wars between and across the many different time periods that the games take place in.

The stories that have already come to pass only cover a few parts of history, so the card game could cover everything else that the video games have not touched. In addition to providing an almost limitless amount of  content, it allows for multiple expansions to be released (which is good for the developers), along with an endless possibility of timelines to take advantage of. AC the card game could be just what the franchise needs to be revitalized!


Wolfenstein: The highly acclaimed series where Nazis won the war. An interesting concept for a card game, to be sure.

It would be easy to harmonize the card game with the main series too, where it is rebels versus the Nazi regime and all the technology you get throughout the game is what your power ups are based on. It would certainly make for some interesting story and some interesting cards as well.Making mech and gun power ups could be a fun time for the developers, as well as the players making combos, allowing you to create new power ups and weapons.


Did you know Zelda had a card game? Though there are many more games  and card games out there, there are several that many don't know of. It just takes some digging and some imagination to come up with the next great thing!  And speaking of the next great thing, stay tuned to GameSkinny for more interesting articles about your favorite games.