7 Best Podcasts for CCG Players

Looking for tips, advice, or discussions on your favorite CCG? Give some of these podcasts a try.

Looking for tips, advice, or discussions on your favorite CCG? Give some of these podcasts a try.
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The world of collectible card games–both online and off–runs deep, and it can be hard to stay abreast of everything going on in Magic: the Gathering, Hearthstone, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc. Luckily, there are scores of podcasts out there to help you get your CCG fix delivered straight to your earbuds. But with so many to choose from, it can be hard to find out which ones are worth your time. So we here at GameSkinny have compiled a list (in no particular order) of the best gaming podcasts to listen to for CCG players.

Amidst these podcasts with a variety of hosts covering a variety of games for both competitive and expert players, you are sure to find something you’ll enjoy! 

1. The Angry Chicken

Games covered: Hearthstone

This Hearthstone-focused podcast is hosted by the very likable trio of Garrett Weinzierl, William “Dills” Gregory, and Jocelyn Moffett, who possess an excellent combination of expertise on gameplay, Warcraft lore, and the competitive scene.

Their topics typically involve the latest Hearthstone news and the current state of the metagame. The hosts’ extensive knowledge of the game really shows in the depth of their conversations, and it’s a definite recommendation for serious Hearthstone fans. The Angry Chicken updates every Tuesday.

Learn more about The Angry Chicken right here.

2. Legend of the Innkeeper

Games covered: Hearthstone

While The Angry Chicken focuses on in-depth conversations, Legend of the Innkeeper is about helping newer and casual players learn more about Hearthstone and improve their game. It is also a great alternative for Hearthstone players who find The Angry Chicken’s topics to be a bit over their head. 

Hosts Vastidious and Espo’s passion also shine through on their (roughly) weekly stream on Twitch, which can be seen below.

Check out Legend of the Innkeeper here.

3. Magic: the Gathering Drive to Work Podcast

Games covered: (mostly) Magic: the Gathering

My personal favorite on this list, the Magic: the Gathering Drive to Work Podcast follows MtG Head Designer Mark Rosewater discussing various topics related to Magic: the Gathering and beyond as he drives to work in the morning.

The subjects of his 40 or so minute monologues can be as broad as the various planes of the multiverse or as focused as the impacts of tweaking the frame of a Magic card. Rosewater is very open about the challenges and intricacies of game design, so it’s an especially intriguing podcast for those interested in game development or who want to see more of what goes into the making of Magic: the Gathering. Wizards of the Coast — the company that owns MtG — uploads two podcasts every Friday, both centered on a different topic.

Learn more about the Magic: the Gathering Drive to Work Podcast here. 

4. MTG Pro Tutor

Games covered: Magic: the Gathering

For a more community-focused MtG podcast, check out MTG Pro Tutor. Every Tuesday and Friday, host Shaun Penrod interviews a different professional Magic player on topics ranging from their start in the game to their preferred strategies.

Penrod and his guests are obviously incredibly knowledgeable about the game and frequently drop tips and advice for both casual and competitive Magic players.

Check out MTG Pro Tutor right here. 

5. TCG Buzz

Games covered: Any TCG, but with a focus on tabletop

Despite being a relatively new show, TCG Buzz is an excellent podcast choice for CCG enthusiasts thanks to the wider range of games covered by hosts Dalton and Jacob, who give off a genuine just-buddies-that-love-talking-card-games kind of vibe.

The pair tends to favor discussing tabletop card games such as Future Card Buddyfight and Yu-Gi-Oh rather than online games, which will probably feel like a breath of fresh card smell to those still faithful to physical cards. Though the podcast updates a tad infrequently–usually 2-4 weeks between episodes–their Youtube channel frequently updates with card matches and other content. 

You can find more TCG Buzz here.

6. 2 Turns Ahead

Games covered: HEX: Shards of Fate

Hosts Michael “Zubrin” Allen and Nikolas “Pentachills” Podrasky — as well as a third, rotating guest — discuss anything and everything related to HEX: Shards of Fate.

As admins for popular Hex site FiveShards, the group certainly knows the game well, and their close relationship with developer HEX Entertainment sometimes earns them exclusive scoops about upcoming card reveals and expansions, making it the ideal podcast for any HEX fan.

2 Turns Ahead updates weekly on varying days.

Check out 2 Turns Ahead right here. 

7. Commander’s Horn

Games covered: GWENT

Hosts Dane “McBeard” and Josh “Greyboxer” provide insightful discussions into the latest patches, deck lists, and metagame strategies for the increasingly popular Witcher card game. Commander’s Horn will also include the occasional guest, ranging from members of the GWENT development team to prominent streamers and community members. In addition to their weekly podcast, both McBeard and Greyboxer are also frequent Twitch streamers themselves. 

Listen to Commander’s Horn here. 

Honorable Mention: The Secret Cabal

Games covered: All tabletop games

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast also have their own YouTube channel of the same name. Here they post reviews to tabletop games as well as great jokes by Steve.Though The Secret Cabal technically covers all tabletop games–not just CCGs–the hosting group’s exceptional chemistry and good humor earn this podcast an honorable mention, especially for players whose tabletop interests are not just limited to card games.

Find out more about The Secret Cabal here.

Hopefully, you’ve now found a new podcast (or eight) to help you satisfy your CCG thirst while you’re away from the playmat/keyboard. Feel free to let us know what you think of these podcasts in the comments section below, or suggest any great ones that you think we missed. And don’t forget to stay tuned to GameSkinny for everything related to Hearthstone, GWENT, MtG, etc. 

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