PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds plays host to some of gaming's funniest and craziest moments. Here are some of the best PUBG in a Nutshell videos we could find.

7 Best PUBG In a Nutshell Videos

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds plays host to some of gaming's funniest and craziest moments. Here are some of the best PUBG in a Nutshell videos we could find.
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It's well known that YouTube is a robust and rich community where gamers come together to share footage of their craziest in-game exploits. From "Let's Play" to "What if...?" videos, gamers around the world need only press play to experience myriad games -- without even picking up a controller. 

Recently, there has been a lot of activity around the popular shooter PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, where players are sharing footage of some of the complete craziness the game has on offer. "PUBG in a Nutshell" is a series of videos that does just that, specifically focusing on how wild the game can get -- and the lengths to which players will go to pull off some truly awe-inspiring feats. 

Here's what we found to be the seven craziest PUBG in a nutshell videos. 

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Death By Frying Pan

Right when you think you are safe from any battle, somebody has to run up and ruin your day -- with a frying pan. This video is not of actual PUBG gameplay, but instead about what goes on in players' heads when killed by a frying-pan-wielding aggressor. 

To give the clip a bit of context, PUBG has a Battle Royale Mode where 100 players are put on a small playing field in a last-man-standing free for all. The character in this video is not about to get caught in that, and so he runs away from the battle zone. Once he's "safe", he's screwed over by a guy with a frying pan, something many players understand far too well. 

I see you...

There's a lot of skill that goes into playing PUBG. Based on the Arma series of games, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds predicates itself on realism, strategy, and even a bit of luck. This video shows an enemy player with loads of skill -- and shows just how intense the game can get at times. 

Here, the player is trying to kill an opponent at range before the opponent kills him -- something very typical in PUBG play. They got so close, too! But in the end, the player with more skill wins the day. Such is the struggle of the PUBG player: death looms around every tree, rock, and corner. 

Physics? What Physics? 

Vehicles aren't necessarily a necessity in PUBG, but they're crazy fun to drive and use in various combat situations. 

This video highlights the craziness that occurs when cars are involved in any PUBG scenario, from combat to complete chicanery. Things are only made zanier due to some of the bugs present in the current builds of PUBG, meaning vehicles don't act exactly as they're supposed to. Explosions disintegrate steel and changes in elevation send chassis flying. At the end of the day, it adds levity to what is otherwise an often serious gameplay experience. 

Wait! Come back motorcycle! 

Speaking of vehicles, sometimes it seems like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is just out to get you, but then again, not many people advise taking a motorcycle up a steep mountain. 

In the last video, we saw that vehicles in PUBG can make you laugh, help you, or destroy you. And this video is an example of the latter, especially when the player tries to get back on the motorcycle and is promptly run over by his own ride -- definitely something that happens with regularity in PUBG.

Do the game-bug dance! 

PUBG isn't the only game that has this bug, but it does not make this video any less enjoyable. Here, the player has killed his opponent only to find them, moments later, jamming out to their favorite song on the radio. Then, out of nowhere, the player magically disappears. 

Can. I. Please. Stop. Dying?!?

It seems that this player was in the middle of a rage quit when making this video. When playing in massively multiplayer games, it often feels like everyone else has the advantage over you. Sometimes it seems that staying in-game for more than five seconds is an insurmountable task, and it makes you ask yourself, "Why did I even get this game?" 

It's because you love video games. Now go try again. 

I had so much stuff!

With online multiplayer comes connection issues, and no game is immune to the curse of the connection timeout. 

Nor is anyone immune to the crushing realization that they lost everything they had acquired during a match or session because of server issues. Fellow players everywhere can sympathize with this PUBG player's cries of complete agony. 


These are just a few of the best PUBG in a Nutshell videos on Youtube. What craziness have you experienced in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds? Let us know in the comments! 

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