Looking for some great free-to-play indie games? We got you covered.

7 Free to Play Indie Games On Steam, iOS and Android

Looking for some great free-to-play indie games? We got you covered.

Without a doubt, indie dev is taking over the market. From Steam, to iOS and Android, to consoles, indie games are making their mark in the video game industry. If you're new to the party, here are some great games to start with, if not, perhaps you'll revisit an old favorite. Stick with me as I take you through some indie gems that are definitely worth checking out.

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Crossy Road

Considered to be one of the best indie games made for mobile,Hipster Whale's Crossy Road has brought in more than $10M worth of profit over the chicken that crossed the road. It took the gaming world by storm and inspired many spinoff games, including Disney Crossy Road. With 3D graphics and pixelated characters, the game is charming. Another cool feature of the game is the creative levels and the ability to earning more characters using coins and unlocking new levels. If you haven't given this game a spin yet, it's well worth the minute it takes to download. Crossy Road is available  for free download on iOS and Android devices.

Dan the Man

Recognized as one of the "Best Games for 2016", Halfbrick Studios' Dan the Man is an action platformer that will take you back to arcade days. With more than 10 million downloads, players get a chance to kick ass and take names in this brawler. Think of an edgy Super Mario.The combat system and characters, particularly Dan himself, are entertaining, and the story will have you laughing out loud. If you want to check out Dan the Man, get it for free on iOS and Android. 


Frogmind's game won Apple's Game of the Year in 2013 along with a slew of other awards. Badland is one those games that is very unique and creative, especially for a game that lets you play up to 4 players on a tablet.  Fly through Badland lands, teleport through portals, avoiding obstacles, and flying along with other birds in a hand-drawn environment. It is available on PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox consoles, and Badland 2 is available for iOS and Android.




Berserk Studio developed something that is very different from any other strategy game. Though it has elements of Clash of Clans in it, Zombidle creates its own space in the market. Use your zombies to destroy towns and villages and build a massive army. Doing so allows to earn more skulls and gems for powerups and get more zombies. Who would've of thought you would build your own army in HELL of all places? Check out Zombidle for free on Steam.

Brain / Out 

Get locked and loaded in Desertkun's online multiplayer game. Grab as many guns as you can to defend yourself against your enemies. Take 'em out and upgrade your weaponry. Not only does the game tell you how many enemies you killed, it also lets you know who sniped you so you can get them in the next match. Respawn and do it all over again. Shoot em up in BRAIN / OUT available on Steam. 

Zombie Defense 

Are you ready for some Walking Dead style gaming? I you are a fan of that show or other zombie games, this game is just for you. Zombie Defense is all about strategy and survival. Use your recruits to annihilate zombies from different standpoints and try to make it through each wave of challenges as the game gets harder. This game would make great basic training should a real zombie apocalypse ever happen. Zombie Defense is free to play on Steam

Double Action: Boogaloo

Have you ever wanted to play a game where you feel like you’re Jason Statham? Well, Double Action: Boogaloo gives you that type of gameplay. Developed by Double Action Factory, this game brings you closer to the action as this game is multiplayer first person shooter. The cool things about this game is that it also feature some parkour, which makes you feel even more like a stunt double in movies. So go head over to Steam and download Double Action: Boogaloo.


Are there any other indie games that belong in this category? Post your comments below and stay tuned for more free games.

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