Horror films need more video game adaptations. These monsters and films would make terrifying additions to the genre.

7 Horror Movie Monsters That Deserve Their Own Game

Horror films need more video game adaptations. These monsters and films would make terrifying additions to the genre.
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Fear is unpleasant emotion that consumes the body with adrenaline over the belief that something or someone is a threat to you. Will hurt you. Or in a video game’s case, hunt you down countless times and kill you in several manners of thorough and direct actions only to be revived and relive the fear once more. The brutal fact of the matter is people love to be afraid (in video games of course. If Jason comes around while I’m camping, trust me I won’t be writing anymore). 

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Horror has pushed boundaries in gaming to issues several types of horror in mystery and isolation with simple goals with menacing antagonists. These are 7 horror monsters that deserve their own slasher video game adaptation.

The Fly

The Fly is one of the most critically acclaimed horror films, that even has a 91% on Rotten Tomatoes (and those tomatoes are harsh). The film is still relevant in horror today with a compelling story along with a freakish and gory antagonist that will have you spewing acid too. With its success, it would be interesting The Fly transforming itself into a horror game adaption. Being the prey to the grotesque Fly himself, a new story where The Fly is turning humans in a slow process may be a compelling story element to extend into the game universe.

The Mist

If someone has entomophobia, arachnophobia, or acarophobia, this will not be the movie or game for you. After opening another dimension, insectoid creatures flood the town to kill and/or consume victims. Being consumed within a dark, cloudy mist, the setting is shrouded in mystery and despair as death awaits at any moment from giant flies, human-sized spiders, and larger than life monsters that are unimaginably gigantic — and terrifying.

Hellraiser: Pinheads and the Cenobites

Who knew solving a puzzle box would send you into your own personal hell with demonic creatures — or angels — depending on what you believe? The game could see Kristy, the sole film’s protagonist, going against her skinless carnal uncle and his past-mistress, along with the cenobites, who simply must have her in their dimension. Or in another twist, it could be completely new and continue a story from the next buyer of the puzzle box in the movie’s conclusion.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Freddy Krueger

The idea of not being able to fall asleep; as you can possibly be brutally murdered by a man with a blade-fixed glove, is utterly terrifying. Freddy continues to be a staple in the horror genre, although the transition to a game would be substantial. Elm street could have several different players fighting to control their incessant need to sleep or suffer the consequences in a dream landscape with an inescapable Freddy unless woken up. In a style much like Jason’s upcoming game, the Freddy game could be set in a large dreamscape of the victims only for Freddy to track them down, viciously killing each one.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Leather Face

Inspired by a real-life murder, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was unrelenting and visceral establishing itself as a new horror film pushing boundaries seen on film. Cannibalistic families are never enjoyable striking fear and disgust into all which could benefit in a game. It could follow a new group stranded within the family’s boundaries combating them for survival. This type of storyline could benefit from the mechanics and style of Until Dawn in establishing the characters traits and skill-set to escape a vast amount of chainsaws.

The Cabin in the Woods

Following five characters representing the necessary horror archetypes (the whore, the athlete, the scholar, the fool, and of course the virgin) on a path of sacrifice for human survival, The Cabin in the Woods made for a unique horror experience. The ensemble cast looks through the cabin, which is filled with artifacts of several popular monsters (such as mermen, werewolves, gargoyles, and serial killers, for example), and must unknowingly make the choice of what they shall die by.

All of this being orchestrated by an official government to prevent the end of the world makes for a great plot-line with several insurmountable monsters. This game would be an action-adventure horror-driven game that would entertain all the masses with their preferred creature, but probably not the merman … Nobody likes the merman.  

The Conjuring

The last thing you would ever want written on the title of your new horror game is…BASED ON A TRUE STORY. The events that have taken place within the film “truly” happened in real life, making this even more terrifying to play through the eyes of the demonologists, those who study demons or believe in them. Tracing the story specifically would be utterly terrifying. Reliving these events as they may have played out, this game would be akin to something like the newest entry in the Resident Evil series — and could possibly be just as amazing as a virtual reality experience. However, I will not be playing this at all. It’s just too scary… 



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What other possible monsters or films do you think could be transformed into a horror game? Let us know in the comments below! 

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