Show off your love for your favorite indie RPG with these Undertale items.

8 awesome pieces of Undertale merchandise for the hard core collector

Show off your love for your favorite indie RPG with these Undertale items.
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Undertale, an adorable retro-RPG by indie dev Toby Fox, is one of those games that while we may not have expected it to do so, quickly rose to fame as a cult game.  The game's unique combat -- or non-combat -- mechanics, as well as its puzzle system and beautiful narrative earned it a lot of love from gamers and critics alike -- some of which are reading this now.

Of course, like true fans of anything, Undertale fans, too, love owning items that show off their admiration for the game. Some want something simple and subtle... maybe something to add a bit of flair to their abodes. Others want something that screams it out loud and proud while they're out on the town. 

To help you find the perfect thing that shows everyone just how much you love the game, we've taken the time and compiled a list of super cool items you can buy right now. One of these is sure to fit your needs.

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Custom 10-doh Nintendo Cart by Evilos

$17.99 on Ebay

Vinyl toy collectors and fans of retro-themed items will dig this piece. For under $20, you can pick up a this nifty collectible that will take you back to the days of the original Nintendo Entertainment System. 

This particular cartridge won't plug into any consoles. In fact, it looks like it might just wander away at any point. Of course, the truly great thing about this piece is that even if your friends and family -- for some reason -- are not familiar with Undertale, they're going to recognizes an NES cartridge when they see it. That makes this guy a great way to introduce more people to your favorite game.

This little guy is sold by 2016hotpacks who as a nearly 100% positive feedback with almost 1500 ratings.

Undertale Inspired Paracord Bracelet

$11.26 on Etsy

Paracord bracelets are pretty much the hot thing these days. For some, it's the looks, for others, it's the fact that they can actually come in pretty handy. This particular paracord bracelet, designed by NerdCord, comes in a rather stylish black and red and features the ever-important heart/life indicator.

For those who may not like black and red, NerdCord does offer other color options. You'll just need to specify upon ordering.

Kingdom Hearts Inspired Undertale Prints

$12.00 on Etsy

As a long time Kingdom Hearts fan, this one really spoke to me. I've always loved the stained-glass art that appears in the game, and it translates really well to Undertale -- as you can see here with these prints by Marini4Art.

The prints are A3 glossy photo prints, and they're waterproof. 

If you're not keen on this particular piece, but like Marini's art, they do offer commissions at various prices. So you can get your own completely unique piece of Undertale art at a pretty sweet price.

Asriel Zipper Hoodie From Japan

$37.99 on ebay

Hoodie lovers unite! You can never go wrong with an awesome hoodie. Personally, I'd suggest owning one for every occasion. This particular hoodie -- which is unisex, so you only need to worry about the size -- is a 60/40 cotton-polyester mix in white. It features some cool looking art of Asriel in all his forms -- as well as his rather sinister-looking Flowey-form.

It sums up Asriel's story line in a pretty attractive way.

This hoodie is being sold by seller yilv45 who has a 100% positive feedback rating with 528 ratings on eBay. That said, they are shipping from China, so the copyright-related legality of some of their items might be a bit questionable.

Asriel's Locket For Cosplayers

$20+ On Etsy

Aaaaah, cosplay. To truly nail it, you have to have all the bits and pieces. It's the finest of details that really make it -- like the kind of jewelry your characters wear. In this case, we're talking about a locket based on Asriel's mid-form. 

To make the necklace comfortable to wear, Etsy creator Sunarry weighted the heart to prevent shifting and made the beads lighter -- an excellent choice for someone planning to stay in costume for any length of time.

For those without the inclination or the jewelry making skills, this piece is an excellent way to add the final touch to that Asriel cosplay.

Undertale Plushies!

$25-$28 on Amazon

Who doesn't love cute cuddly plushies?! Even if those cute and cuddly things are pretty sinister in game... Amazon seller JOY IS TOYS offers two super adorable Undertale plushes -- Sans and Toriel. The toys are priced separately with Sans costing $27.99 and Toriel running $24.98.

Unfortunately, these two items are not eligible for Amazon Prime, so you will have to drop $5 on shipping as well. But as plushies go, it's still not a bad price.

Anime-Style Messenger Bag Featuring Sans

$22.79 on Ebay

Here we have another item from a Chinese seller on eBay... So again, there may be some questionable copyright stuff going on here, but as messenger bags go, this one would be a pretty cool item for fans of the game. 

Like most of these screenprinted style bags, this one doesn't look like it could double as a Bag of Holding, but it would come in handy for someone looking to carry a journal or a sketch pad and some other things around in.

As with the other sellers, this one has some pretty impressive feedback at 99.3% positive on nearly 5,000 ratings.

Pixel Heart Necklace

$14.00 on Etsy

For those looking for something subtle that fans of the game will recognize, this acrylic pixel heart necklace should be right up your alley. The pendant is small and lightweight -- and even comes with its own pouch and gift box. It also comes with a large chain that can be cut to any size you prefer. 

You will be looking at a few additional dollars for shipping. That said. It's still an adorable piece you can wear anywhere.

And there you have it Undertale fans...8 super cool items that will help you show off your love for the game. Some are subtle, while others scream that fanatic devotion from the rooftops. Don't be afraid of the latter. It's totally okay to love those nerdy things and want to show it.

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