Gaming is a full time job. Check out these amazing gamer-life add-ons guaranteed to make you level up.

8 Geeky Gaming Add-ons for Your Life

Gaming is a full time job. Check out these amazing gamer-life add-ons guaranteed to make you level up.

Want to learn about the mobile gadget that will revolutionize the future of gaming? Or perhaps about how a piece of clothing can replace controllers or keyboards? Here are 8 gaming add-ons for your life!

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1. Hardware that makes first-person shooters more real

It’s called the Father.IO inceptor. Cool name right? The gadget is even cooler.

The Father.IO inceptor is a piece of hardware, which attaches to your smartphone, allowing you to experience first-person shooters in real life. Only the following video can demonstrate how cool this is.

2. Portable controllers for your phone

Imagine this: You hop on your bus to school or work, and you see people texting, listening to music, or playing games on their smart phones. Then you see a guy using this strange device:

It doesn’t get much nerdier than that.

These apple game controllers allow gamers to transform their smartphones into a portable console. Their popularity will probably rise in the future when more games are designed to be controller compatible on the Apple store.

If you decide to buy one, I don’t think it really matters what you use. Keep in mind, though, some controllers are compatible with devices other than iOS. 

 3. Looking for a new activity?

Many companies are riding on the coattails of Pokemon Go, designing their own augmented reality games. Out comes Climball, a game that combines rock climbing with ice hockey, which looks hectic!

 4. Need something funny to wear? 

Try this shirt. It’s perfect for that occasion when you’re doing something nerdy, like: going to expos, eSport events, escape rooms, or just visiting your friend’s place for games.

Pro tip: Don’t wear this into your job interview. 

5. Be sure to pick up this bookmark

As a nerd, you’re not allowed to have regular bookmarks. We call them save points instead. You get bonus geek points if you can get an Undertale bookmark that says “reading this book fills you with determination.”

6. DIY holograms on your smartphone

All you need is some transparent plastic or glass and some glue/tape to stick them together and you get these awesome holograms. The following video will show you how to make it.

7. The glove for all your gaming needs

I mentioned the apple game controller above, but something different is the Peregrine: a glove that can control 30 actions! This glove allows you to play many games without a keyboard. It’s even been optimized for games like Dota 2 and League of Legends, with more coming soon. 

Sure, it can’t replace a keyboard, but imagine its practicality in the short future with virtual reality games. It’ll certainly be better than using a keyboard or controller, which ruins the VR experience.

8. Cancel all the noise around you with ‘Muzo’

This one’s a bit controversial since it’s not even been made yet, but it claims that it can cancel the noise around you, even to the point where people can’t listen in on your conversations in public. Whether this is true or not is yet to be determined, but it has recently raised over $500,000 on Kickstarter and over $1,000,000 on Indiegogo.

I’m going to leave it here as a little teaser.

I hope you enjoyed these geeky accessories! Here’s to hoping they won’t make you go broke. If you know of any other cool accessories, please share them in the comments!

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