With just a few mods added to your load order, the Commonwealth Wasteland can become very bizarre place indeed...

8 Most Bizarre Fallout 4 Mods for PS4 & Xbox One

With just a few mods added to your load order, the Commonwealth Wasteland can become very bizarre place indeed...

There's already an abundance of oddities to be found across the wasteland, like the seemingly murderous lawn gnomes scattered across Far Harbor. Add in modding, and Fallout 4 can become a downright ludicrous place.

As usual, console players get the shaft on the modding front, with some restrictions in what's available on Xbox One due to size, content rules, and severe restrictions in what's available for PS4 due to the lack of outside assets.

This means you won't get anything like the hilariously absurd Thomas The Tank Engine mod, for instance, or the freaky fetish mods -- but there's still a whole lot of weirdness to be found on consoles if you take the time to look. Here we're rounding up the 8 weirdest, wackiest, most bizarre mods currently available on console.

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Macho Claws

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Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh! Macho man Randy Savage makes a post-apocalyptic appearance in the Commonwealth with this mod, replacing the textures for all Deathclaws with the famous wrestler who loves snappin' into a Slim Jim.

You'll actually enjoy getting mauled to death with the mod installed, watching the Sole Survivor get thrown to the ground and pinned by giant macho claws.

Seeing a bunch of Randy Savages stalk around a city and tear people to shreds is as hilarious the thirtieth time as it is the first. Can we get this mod for Skyrim, please?

Psyker Powers

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Want to add even more Skyrim into your Fallout? This mod adds a needle full of Forced Evolutionary Virus that increases psychic potential and gives you psychic powers that look suspiciously like lightning bolt spells.

Fans can debate about whether it breaks lore or ruins the tone of Fallout, but I'm of the opinion psychic powers aren't too far outside the realm of wasteland weirdness. I mean Fallout 3 had a talking tree and a haunted house, so...

Weird Weapons Wacky Pack

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Get ready to get silly with a mod that adds the weirdest, wackiest, rootin'est, tootin'est weapons you've ever seen in the Commonwealth (or anywhere else, for that matter).

The Wacky Pack adds a staggering 50 new weapons that suck the clothes off enemies, make trees grow out of the ground, fire suicide bomber plasma cats, launch exploding dead fish, and much, much more.

Some of the highlights include the Board Of Sanitation, which replaces an enemy's helmet with a metal trash can lid, or the Grabbityhammer, which sends enemies flying off into space.

It Came From Far Harbor

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A companion to the Weird Wacky Weapons Pack, this one adds even more completely impractical weapons -- like summoning zombified poultry that is long past its sell date, or lawn gnomes that are up to no good.

There's some really interesting additions here, such as the Tracker Keeper, which tags an enemy and supplies you with a Holotape that follows their movements and even allows you to remotely command them like companions. 

Stupid Weapons Under Bradberton

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What's that you say? You want even MORE ludicrous weapons to play with? This one adds a stash of weapons crafted by a mad beverage scientist who plotted sweet, sugary, carbonated revenge against his boss before the bombs fell. From soda bottle geysers to confetti decapitation, there's a whole lot of Nuka Cola themed death to deal with in these silly new weapon additions.

Punching's Greatest Hits

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Wacky ranged weapons might get most of the love, but the fabulous Fallout modding community hasn't forgotten about good old fashioned fisticuffs! Melee punching gets taken to a whole new, utterly absurd level here.

The mod adds a new character willing to teach you some secrets of punching -- like making raiders explode into gory bits with only the power of your fist. See if you can find all the new punching weapons and have fun watching the body parts fly!

OCDecorator Static Loot

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For obsessive-compulsive gamers, the dirty, disorganized Commonwealth is probably a nightmare. If you've got a couple of hundred hours to spare, you can fix it up permanently and restore order to the wasteland.

This mod changes inventory items to static set pieces that can't be knocked over -- meaning you can place every single knick knack and piece of trash in a proper orderly fashion. I can't really think of a more fun way to spend a night playing Fallout, can you?

Aliens Of The Commonwealth

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Missing the Mothership Zeta madness from Fallout 3? With this mod, an existing location in the Commonwealth is replaced with a secret alien base that's been here all along, adding in some fun lore to the base Fallout storyline. Mix it with the Psyker Powers mod for maximum lore-stretching strangeness!

Those are the best weird Fallout 4 mods we've found so far for the console players! What did you think of our picks, and what wacky mods have you come across that we should try out?

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