9 Best Fallout 4 Total Overhaul Mods For The PS4

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It was a long, long wait for Playstation 4 owners to finally get in on the wasteland modding action, and when it arrived, Fallout 4 fans weren't exactly pleased by the extra limitations above and beyond what's found on the Xbox One edition.

Even now, months after mods have been available, the number of PS4 entries continues to lag far behind what's on tap over on the other side of the console fence. Sadly, due to the restrictive nature of what's allowed on console mods, it's unlikely we're going to get an epic total conversion like you'd see on the PC.

The lack of space and inability to add in huge new assets just won't allow for such major changes to the base game. Don't let that kill your enthusiasm for PS4 modding entirely though, as there's still several overhaul mods that significantly change up the Fallout 4 experience on the Playstation platform.

Over the next several slides we cover some of the best of the best in PS4 overhaul mods that you should be trying out immediately.

Unified Clothing Overhaul

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For a change in the game's aesthetics and how you can make your character look while stomping across the Commonwealth, this is the mod that should unquestionably be downloaded straight away.

The UCO mod completely opens up the clothing opportunities, allowing you to craft essentially any outfit you can imagine while still have the benefits of armor. If it's something that appears in the game anywhere on any NPC, you can now equip it as your outfit.

Don't like how your current armor looks but prefer its stats? No problem, with UCO you can make exterior clothing invisible, so the defensive qualities remain while the cosmetics are shifted to whatever style you prefer underneath.

Overgrowth Forest Overhaul

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Like a much more invasive and complete version of the Simple Green mod (see the next slide), this Overgrowth offering turns most areas of the Commonwealth into a much more verdant forest.

It makes the entire Fallout 4 experience less dreary and empty-seeming, with vegetation overtaking the Boston area long after the radiation has subsided 200+ years after the bombs first dropped. The color scheme is probably the most frequently sited visual problem with the modern Fallout games, and mods like this handily take care of that concern.


Simple Seasons - White, Red, Green, and Yellow

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A clever way of getting around some of the restrictions on adding new external assets in PS4 modding, this series of mods tweaks the colors of grass, trees, objects, and vegetation to let you change the Commonwealth to whatever season you desire.

While it may not radically change the game in terms of content or weaponry, it does completely alter the feel of the story with a different season overtaking areas rather than just having everything be that washed out brown/gray color.

Shown above is an example of Simple White, which takes us from eternal nuclear winter to actual, regular old winter. Even more striking is Simple Red, which sets the trees afire with fall leaf colors for a much less monochromatic playthrough.

Wacky Weapons Workshop

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The lack of external assets really hampers weapon mods on the PS4, but one forward-thinking player put together something really interesting just by changing how weapons can be crafted.

Now you can put together just about any combination imaginable - including some that really shouldn't exist, like adding a fatman launcher to a revolver. Who doesn't want to launch nukes from their handgun? 

The mod also lets you manually add in multiple legendary effects to a wackified weapon, allowing you to craft some truly outrageous guns and melee weapons without having to kill legendary monsters and hope you randomly get something good.

Remember seeing some of the more bizarre robotic companions when Automatron first came out and laughing at how ridiculous some combos could become? Get ready for that, in weapon form.


Scrap That Settlement

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Having primarily played Fallout 4 on the PC, it didn't occur to me until seeing this mod that console players are still having to deal with Bethesda's terrible settlement system in its original form. My sincerest apologies, console peons, because that sounds like a real bummer.

If you want more control over how your settlements look, this very nifty mod lets you scrap almost everything -- grass, rocks, bodies, and all sorts of objects that weren't originally scrappable.

New versions of this mod are slated to land soon that will allow you to scrap whole creatures and structures as well.

Zombie Walkers

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The feral ghouls in the Fallout universe have always flirted with being zombies, but they never quite go the whole way there. Putting you in an episode of The Walking Dead (or any given classic zombie flick), this overhaul mod takes ghouls and makes them into a shambling horde of the living dead.

Unfortunately, this PS4 version is a bit stripped down from the PC mod of the same name, but it still gets the job done for console players. Feral ghouls are renamed to zombies, sprinting is disabled, and health is modified so that head shots appropriately take them out. A few animations are also tweaked as well for more of a horror feel.

These modified ghoul zombies also come in big herds that you don't want to get caught in! Needless to say, this pretty drastically changes the feel and tone of a Fallout 4 playthrough. Hiding under a dumpster won't keep you safe here.


Outfield Retreat Home

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Don't care for the home options in Diamond City or want to have everything at your fingertips in one centralized location?

This RV home not only looks fantastic -- complete with Nuka Cola themed knick knacks all across the outside -- but also has multiple connected crafting locations, storage space for your bobblehead collection, clean water for survival runs, and a bed offering the well rested bonus.

Plenty 'O Exploration

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This is an overhaul mod that fans have to put together every time a new Bethesda entry arrives, especially in the Fallout universe. You'd think eventually the developer would get on this without the players having to do it...

The game maps are always huge, with tons of areas to explore, but then you arrive at a specific location and most of the buildings and hallways can't be accessed and are just cosmetic. Whether doors that can't be opened or piles of rubble blocking your way, there's a distinct lack of indoor exploration.

Fallout 4's rendition of this perennially needed fix, Plenty 'O Exploration, is currently in beta for PS4, but still provides a drastically needed service by adding in many new interior segments for a huge increase in the amount of area actually available to explore.



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Last but not least is Cheatmaker, which overhauls the game by putting everything at your fingertips with no effort required whatsoever! After crawling out of the vault, the Sole Survivor can craft anything at all with no materials required. Want some sweet power armor straight off the start? No problem!

There are a whole lot more Fallout 4 mods out there ready and waiting to be downloaded than the nine PS4 overhaul mods we've covered here. What's your favorite PS4 overhaul mod we should try out? Let us know in the comments section!

If you're still on the hunt for even more ways to modify your Commonwealth wasteland experience, be sure to also check out these mods as well:

Published Apr. 11th 2017

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