Some of the best Minecraft skins for eight of League of Legends' most popular champions

8 of the Best League of Legends Skins for Minecraft

Some of the best Minecraft skins for eight of League of Legends' most popular champions
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League of Legends and Minecraft are two of the most iconic games to ever touch the PC platform. In just a few days, the League of Legends World Championship match between SK Telecom and Samsung Galaxy will take place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

At this time, you'll be able to catch some of the highest level of League gameplay that anyone has ever seen. Seeing these two Korean teams in action may remind you Minecraft players out there just how awesome some of these League of Legends champions are. 

But what's even better? League of Legend in Minecraft. And luckily for you, there's all kinds of mashups between the two -- especially when it comes to skins.

With that, let me share with you eight of the best League of Legends skins that I've found for Minecraft!

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Ryze (by Rupsyke)

Ryze is one of the original champions from League of Legends, and also one of two-time champion Faker's favorites. This skin does a good job at capturing the Rune Mage's skin color and trademark strap over the front. Look out for for Faker on Ryze this Saturday!

Teemo (by tiv3n)

The butt of many negative League memes, Teemo is one of the cutest yet most hated characters in the game. This skin really captures the cutest part! You'll definitely be recognized as League's most famous yordle when using this skin.

Championship Riven (by Liuzka)

I was so hyped to get this skin for free during the Season 2 World Championship and then so bummed when I saw that it was re-released this year! This was Riven's most prized skin, and now you can use it in Minecraft.


Urgot has a long League history that seems to revolve around two things: being underpowered and very ugly. Taking a second look at Urgot and this skin, it really reminds you of how much he actually looks like a Creeper…

Lee Sin (by Leostereo)

Lee Sin is one of those champions that you can be absolutely horrible at yet still have fun while playing him. This is a really great skin that captures all of the blind monk's key features.

Nidalee (by Maiyuu87)

Chances are you won't be seeing much Nidalee in the final series of Worlds (or even in solo queue) because she's always banned. You might not be able to play her much in League of Legends, but play her whenever you want in Minecraft with this skin.

Draven (by SpartaTurtle)

Everybody loves Draaaven! You're not going to see this guy pop up in competitive matches any time soon, but it'd be awesome to see him running around any of the Minecraft servers I play on.

Lunar Goddess Diana (by EnderCat)

The Lunar Goddess skin is definitely my favorite skin for Diana on League, and this Minecraft recreation of it is fantastic. Never has the queen of the moon looked so radiant!

If you need any help downloading or using these skins, drop me a comment below and I'll be sure to help out!

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