A handful of the most well-made Minecraft skins featuring characters from Fire Emblem Heroes

9 Awesome Fire Emblem Heroes Skins for Minecraft

A handful of the most well-made Minecraft skins featuring characters from Fire Emblem Heroes
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Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all-time. Fire Emblem Heroes is one of the most popular games right now. What could go wrong when bringing them together?

After you and your friends finish spamming rerolls to get the best possible start in Fire Emblem Heroes, take a break and enjoy some Minecraft in full dress of your favorite character from the game!

I've found nine of the nicest Minecraft skins for characters from Fire Emblem Heroes, and I'll be sharing them with you in this slideshow.

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Arthur (by MegaDoctorok)

Arthur is one of the most animated and flavorful Fire Emblem heroes, and this skin really highlights that. The "Hero of Justice" sports his classic smirk, and even the belt is detailed nicely! Show your classy, heroic side on Minecraft by using this skin.

Chrom (by MagicTacoTime)

The prince of the Halidom of Ylisse sports his classic one-sleeved garb in this skin. Shoulderpad, belt straps, and the traditional high boot sleeve are also highlighted and show that the skin author paid great attention to detail. Fire Emblem fans are going to know who you are with this skin.

Corrin (Male) (by ronald1115)

This male version of Corrin (otherwise known as the Avatar) features the cape buckle, tight-fitting armor, and trademark bare feet in this skin that Fire Emblem fans remember all throughout the series. There's also a female version if you're interested!

Azura (by Goperior18)

This Azura skin is vibrant and bright, much like the character herself. This songstress and dancer is wrapped in turquoise robes over her white clothing. Just as in her character portrait, this skin shows off bare feet and lots of skin around the stomach.

Jakob (by MinoriNeko)

Who could forget the troubled butler? Jakob is as great at housework as he is with dressing! Those dark vest and boots really set off those long, flowing locks of hair, don't they? Give Jakob the appreciation this kind of character deserves and sport him on your favorite Minecraft server.

Lucina (by shadow11099)

The daughter of Chrom, from earlier in the list, shows off a more casual look in this Minecraft skin. Without her royal and red cape, the gold trim of her clothing really takes center stage and sets off the rest of this darker skin.

Robin (Male) (by SwordKirby110)

Robin, like Corrin, is another Avatar character that comes in both male and female versions. Shown here is the male version of Robin, having shorter hair and his hood pulled up. I appreciate this skin because it'll take an experienced Fire Emblem fan to recognize who they're looking at without that bright, white hair showing.

Roy (by jwheaton9634)

This is a really bright and colorful Roy skin, without his customary cape. Roy is one of the most recognizable heroes in Fire Emblem, but can your friends pinpoint who you are without his most obvious piece of clothing giving it away? Get this skin and find out!

Tiki (by PokemonSS)

I saved the cutest for last. This adorable, one-gloved Tiki skin is very true to character and it's my favorite of the bunch. The hair, clothing, and bow are all perfect. The skin author did a great job here, and any fan of the series should recognize her immediately from this skin.

Drop me a line in the comments if you can find any other cool Fire Emblem Heroes skins or need any assistance in getting these skins to work.

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