Relive everything from Robert's Rebellion to the Battle Of The Bastards in these mods that bring Westeros to your favorite PC games!

9 Best Game Of Thrones Mods for Your Favorite Games

Relive everything from Robert's Rebellion to the Battle Of The Bastards in these mods that bring Westeros to your favorite PC games!

Season 7 of Game Of Thrones is in full swing, and all the pieces are in place for Daenerys and Jon to finally destroy the Night King and return the hallowed tradition of brother/sister marriages to Westeros.

While Telltale won't be returning to A Song Of Ice And Fire for some time, there's still plenty of scheming for the Iron Throne you can undertake on the gaming front.

While we wait for Jorah to find a cure to greyscale and for that evil little brat Bran Stark to travel through time and drive Aerys Targaryen mad with his whispers about burning White Walkers, why not try out some of these killer Game Of Thrones mods?

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Game Of Thrones Followers Mods

These follower presets painstakingly recreate the faces and clothing of famous characters like Ser Davos Seaworth, Eddard Stark, and many more.

Forget about the vanilla followers and instead have the evil Ramsay Bolton follow you around on a Skyrim-wide killing spree (note that several of these require extra texture mods to get the presets looking picture perfect).

There are a ton of Game Of Thrones mods for Bethesda's aging action RPG beyond these -- find our full list of the10 best Game Of Thrones mods for Skyrim right here.

Civilization 6

There are already countless hours of creating wonders, waging wars, and engaging in diplomacy with historical figures in Sid Meier's Civilization 6, but you can take that a step further by bringing in the ruthless politics of Westeros.

A Civ Of Ice And Fire replaces the various civilization leaders with characters like Euron Greyjoy and Olenna Tyrell, swaps out city names, and replaces all the various traits and abilities with more Game Of Thrones-appropriate entries.

This one's not quite as in-depth as the previous A Mod Of Ice And Fire, however, so if you've got Civ 5, be sure to try that one as well.

Atilla: Total War

Seven Kingdoms Total War Mod

The Total War series is amazingly ripe for anything war-themed on the mod front, and franchises once relegated only to modding have actually hit the main series eventually (looking at you Warhammer).

This one is a total conversion mod for Atilla: Total War that completely changes the armies, facial textures, maps, and locations to bring the wars of Westeros to your PC.

New specific scenarios are now also being made along with the total conversion, letting you replay the epic Battle Of The Bastards (hands down the best war scene so far, although hopefully, it will be outdone in GoT seasons 7 or 8), with more specific battles to come.

Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms

Westeros Total War: Age Of Petty Kings

It shouldn't be any surprise that there are more Total War entries with in-depth Game Of Thrones mods. This one offers a very different perspective than the other mods, however, as it takes place in GoT's deep past, before the Seven Kingdoms were carved out.

Instead, you forge a house of your own as a petty king duking it out with the Andals long before Aegon the Conqueror came and unified the continent.

Mount & Blade Warband

Much like the Total War series, anything in the Mount & Blade franchise is just begging to be modded to represent Westeros or the lands beyond the Narrow Sea.

There a ton of Warband mods that bring in various elements of A Song Of Ice And Fire, but easily among the most ambitious is A Clash Of Kings, which sets you as a nobody-peasant on the road to greatness in any of the clashing Westerosi armies.

Join up with Robert's Rebellion, conquer Harrenhal, mix it up with Stannis Baratheon, or do anything else you'd like while roaming the Seven Kingdoms. Recent updates have fixed some issues like a lack of diplomacy, so if you heard negative things about the mod in the past, give it a try now.

Also worth checking out is A World Of Ice And Fire, which has you starting your own great house and duking it out for control of the Iron Throne. 

Age Of Empires II

When it comes to classic RTS games, Age Of Empires II is still a hallowed entry well worth replaying. Add in Steam Workshop content though, and you might never try a modern strategy title ever again.

One of the best is the Diplomacy Overhaul mod, which drastically changes the direction of the game, shifting away from combat into politicking and backstabbing in true GoT style. Be sure to play this one on multiplayer, though, as the game's base AI doesn't handle the changes well.

If you prefer something more along the lines of the classic Age Of Empires II experience, go with the War Of The Five Kings mod or the Game Of Thrones Map mod instead.

Crusader Kings: Deus Vult 

This conversion mod for Crusader Kings offers up two different main scenarios, one in the past where Robert rebels against the Mad King, and one in the near future, where winter has finally arrived and the undead are sweeping through the South. Letting you play through generations of great Westerosi houses with lore-friendly additions, this is a killer mod for the sadly aging Crusader Kings.

If you're more into the sequel, Crusader Kings II, the full conversion Game Of Thrones mod adds in elements like personal honor combat between lords and scripted events based around the story from the book series -- but letting you deviate from the cannon outcomes.

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark Game Of Thrones Mod

More a novelty than a total conversion like many of the previous entries, this mod adds in some fun Game Of Thrones trappings to Ark: Survival Evolved while you tame dinos and build settlements.

Want an iron throne in the middle of your town? Have at it! Want to run around in House Lannister armor or wield a Dothraki arakh blade? No problem, just pull up the engrams and get crafting!


Game Of Thrones Mod

Was it even a question? Of course, Minecraft has a ton of skins bringing in various A Song Of Ice And Fire characters, but this mod goes above and beyond, bringing in various great houses and recreating areas like King's Landing. Sadly, the mod is no longer being worked on, but it still exists for download by Minecraft fanatics.

With these 9 Game Of Thrones mods, you've got endless opportunities to learn the age-old adage of Valar Morghulis ("all men must die") in RTSs, RPGs, and even open world crafting games! From total conversions to small add-ons, these mods will definitely get you in the mood for the treachery and action that's sure to define Game of Thrones Season 7. 

What did you think of our picks for the best GoT game mods, and what mods did we miss that should get added to the list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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