Owning a car does not need always be something serious. Check these owners who added some fun to their rides.

9 Clever Personalized Gaming License Plates

Owning a car does not need always be something serious. Check these owners who added some fun to their rides.

Most teenagers dream of the moment when they purchase their first car, but if you live in a big metropolis, driving is not always enjoyable. Traffic jams, difficulty finding a good parking spot and reckless driving are the worst nightmares of any driver -- and they're much worse in the city!

While driving can be laborious, that does not mean you cannot have fun with your ride. Some people have found creative ways to customize their cars in order to display a bit of their personalities, and one the best methods to achieve this is through a custom license plate.

With this in mind, we've compiled a list of creative license plates for gamers to display their pride.

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GG Rekt

It does not matter if you have just passed your final exam in college or have just landed a new job: you probably heard someone saying you could not do it. But guess what? With a little ingenuity and elbow grease you did! (Hah! Take that...)

Anyway, the owner of this car decided to roll through life and make sure to prove the naysayers wrong. Why? Because he “rekts” those who stand in his way.

Don't you just wish you had this license plate when stuck in the 5 o' clock log jam? 

Xbox 360

PlayStation or Xbox?

For many people, the side they go with in the console wars is a matter of pride.

This guy has decided to make sure everybody knows where he stands in regards to his favorite system. Don't get stuck in a traffic jam with this guy, especially if you're a Sony fan. 


While some argue between Microsoft and Sony, some just want to remember the good old days, when Nintendo and Sega were duking it out for our hearts, minds, and money. 

Perhaps this guy aims to run as fast as Sonic. We can only hope he doesn't run over any spikes on his way to work.

Legend... of Zelda

We all have our favorite sagas. And as we continue to make our way down memory alley, who can't help but remember the awesomeness that was/is the Legend of Zelda? This car owner shows pride and creativity (I mean, that's just perfect placement, right?) to let people know which franchise he cherishes the most.


Eat, Sleep, Game


In real life, we have to fulfill our adulting duties, ranging from college to work. And with so many responsibilities, gaming sometimes gets pushed to the sidelines of our priority lists.

This license plate shows the routine every gamer would love to have. Too bad life often doesn't comply with this simple (sub) routine. I mean, wouldn't that just be the life? 

Anyway, you can buy this cool license plate on Cafe Press for a measly $16.99. However, as the website states, "This product is not appropriate for use in all states or on vehicles outside the USA." 


After a stressful day at work, it is pretty easy to get angry if someone blocks you on the road as you drive back home. But if you see someone with this license plate, you may want to think twice before honking.

Harkening back to the good old days of Street Fighter II and Street Fighter II Turbo, this throwback license plate is something any retro gamer would love to have slapped onto the back of his ride. 


This car is not a space shuttle, but if its owner has the same excitement of the space core from Portal 2, even the most mundane of vehicles can feel like a spaceship. (I wonder if the inside is modeled after a space station?)

If you played Portal 2, you most likely read “SPAAACE” in the voice of the space core in your head. At least this guy could provide some comedic relief on your salty drive home from work. 


Street racing is a dangerous and reckless activity, but with this license plate, no one will ever challenge the owner of this car for a race. They'd already know what the results would be!


In some countries, the government chooses your license plate and you must obey, as modifying it may incur in legal charges.

In other nations, however, drivers can customize their plates. If you are lucky to live in one of these places, make sure to grab the opportunity to use your license plate to show some humor and display your gamer pride.

We hope the plates from this article served as inspiration!

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