9 Funny Halo Glitches You Can’t Help But Laugh At

Even the most well-crafted game will have glitches. Here are some of the weirdest Halo glitches we’ve seen over the years. You'll want to check this out.

Even the most well-crafted game will have glitches. Here are some of the weirdest Halo glitches we’ve seen over the years. You'll want to check this out.
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Over the years, the Halo games have brought joy to so many lives all over the world. We all know it, and I would argue that most of us love it. As far as first-person shooters go, it's definitely one of the best and most widely played.

And although most of us play Halo for its competitive nature, another highly entertaining aspect of the game is the occasional glitch you'll run into. While they can be really annoying when you're in the middle of a campaign or a game of CTF, they can be extremely funny when it's not happening to you -- and sometimes they're even so hilarious it doesn't matter who they happen to. 

So to celebrate Halo franchise as a whole (and for me, the upcoming ESL Halo Pro League summer season!), here's a compilation of some great glitches throughout Halo history.

Armor Permutation Glitch

In the Halo Reach beta, some users reported severe armor lag that caused armor permutations to change. These instances usually occurred upon death, but in rare cases, it happened to players while alive. This perfectly timed screenshot, courtesy of Halo Wikia, features an individual who looks horrified at what is happening. Or maybe just embarrassed about their pauldron being on the wrong side. 

Banshee Glitch

Banshees have been known to do what they want at times, resulting in a lot of Banshee glitches in the Halo series. I'm not exactly sure what caused this one, but, like many of the glitches in Halo, I'm going to chalk this one up to some sort of lag. Somehow I feel like there's something oddly soothing about giggling at a Banshee floating around like a broken bumper car.

Weaponless Glitch

This glitch occurs in almost all the Halo games, usually as a result of overloading the map with too many objects. This specific image comes from an individual who was wielding a hammer in Forge World for Halo: Reach. Then he went weaponless.

While it is one of the more common glitches, I’ll never stop thinking it’s funny seeing someone holding a phantom weapon. There's something about a weaponless Spartan that just looks ridiculous. These guys were meant to be soldiers. 

Character Stretch Glitch

One of my personal favorites is a fairly common glitch that occurs in almost all the Halo games -- the character stretch glitch. It's so common we could make a list by itself of all the best character stretch images on the internet.

While there are definitely some more extreme instances of this glitch (such as the first image of this slideshow), there's something about this screenshot from Cheese Chex on Bungie that I find so hilarious. This Spartan looks like some weird, disfigured bird ... or something. 

Corpse Glitch

Glitches with corpses are one of the more common ones in most of the Halo games. Most of us have seen videos of breakdancing corpse in Halo. This one is another Halo: Reach beta glitch where the corpse inexplicably starts waving just his arm. While some of the other corpse glitches are kind of creepy with all the spasms, this one is oddly friendly, as if the corpse is waving at you ... welcoming you to Hell ... 

Wall Hacking

Also called "Ghost hacking," but I suppose that in this case, it might be more appropriate to call it "Phantom hacking." Basically what happens here is that if you're moving fast enough, you can go through walls because the game will not register the wall in time.

This case is exceptionally strange to me because it is my understanding that once you pass through the wall, you die. In a strange turn of events, it looks like this driver somehow managed to go right through the wall and off the map.


As seen in this image from Nostromo II on Bungie, this unfortunate glitch in Halo 3 caused unsuspecting players to be sucked right into the floor and die a twitchy, painful-looking death with no warning at all. I'm not entirely sure what causes this to happen, but I'm assuming it's the result of lagging. There's a part of me that doesn't want to laugh because it's kind of terrifying, but there's also something about it that's really funny.


Undead Scarab

This is another one that is half-terrifying and half-funny to me. On the one hand, there's something about seeing a blown-up Scarab come back to life that is somewhat nightmarish. But on the other hand, seeing one hobbling around on two legs is laugh-inducing in a weird kind of way. (It counts as a laugh if you're laughing out of disbelief, right?)

Anyway, if you play Halo 3 and want to experience this glitch for yourself, check out this tutorial below. If you just want to see footage of the Undead Scarab in action, skip to 4:34 and decide for yourself if it's funny or scary.

Dancing Elites

I'm not sure that this is the classic dancing Elite glitch, but this clip from Halo 5 is too good not to share. This is another one that puzzles me. I can't really explain what's happening here and I don't think I can dismiss this one as a lag issue. Whatever the cause of this glitch is, I think it's fantastic. I also laughed harder than I should have when he got stomped out at the end of the clip.


And with that, I conclude my list of 9 Halo glitches that you can't help but laugh at. Some are scarier than others, but at the end of the day, they're all pretty hilarious, no matter who they happen to.

Know of any even funnier Halo glitches? Let us know about them in the comments below!