Ranking Animal Crossing New Horizons' visitors from worst to best. Here's who to pay attention to and who to safely ignore.

A Definitive Ranking of Animal Crossing New Horizons’ Visitors

Ranking Animal Crossing New Horizons' visitors from worst to best. Here's who to pay attention to and who to safely ignore.
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One of the biggest draws of Animal Crossing New Horizons is logging in every morning to perform your daily chores. It’s essential to boot up the game each day to check the shops, water your flowers, talk to your neighbors, and smack some rocks until free money shoots out (this has to be the Number One ACNH feature I would implement in real life if possible.)

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But in addition to your everyday tasks, ACNH has another feature that keeps you checking in every day — the slew of visiting characters that randomly stop by your island every Monday through Friday.

These characters range from extremely mundane (I’m going to absolutely ignore this visitor and not even glance in their direction.) to unexpected and exhilarating (Wow, I haven’t seen this guy in ages, I’m planning my entire day around him now and nothing else matters. Sorry, neighbors.).

While certain people might have different preferences, what follows is my personal ranking of those visitors from worst to best. I’ve excluded Daisy Mae and K.K. Slider as they appear at the same time every week, and it’s actually impossible to dislike either one.

10. Saharah

SaharahSaharah is undoubtedly the worst visitor by a wide margin, and one of the few Animal Crossing characters I actively despise. Why do I dislike Saharah so much?

For starters, her wallpaper and flooring are not particularly exciting. Are they unique? Yes. But it’s also very difficult to fit them into any practical housing theme, and some of them are downright hideous.

You also have to sit through seemingly endless amounts of strange, non-charming dialogue just to obtain all of her wares for the day, to the point where it never seems worth it. Further fuelling my disdain, she seems to be the most common visitor to my island by far. You think she would take the hint and stop coming on a regular basis since I’ve been completely ignoring her for weeks. 

9. Gulliver

GulliverGulliver is definitely a better visitor than Saharah, but still not one I’m excited to see wash up on my island’s shore. While Gulliver still forces you to button mash through unfortunate amounts of dialogue to get to any reward, I find most of what he has to say entertaining and actually pretty humorous (even though I felt it grew repetitious like by his third or fourth visit).

It’s also relatively painless to perform the chores he requests of you, and while the rewards he gives are a mixed bag, many of the items he sends are pretty neat. If only the poor seagull could find himself a new crew who watched out for him a bit more.

8. Flick

FlickFlick is a visitor who I used to like a lot more than I do now. When I first saw him roaming my island, I thought he was one of the coolest looking AC characters I’d ever seen. Finding out that he paid a premium for bugs was a cool addition that made a lot of sense.

However, it’s much less appealing now that I’ve become a Stalk Market guru and have essentially become the Bill Gates of Animal Crossing. As cool as Flick looks, I typically give him the Saharah treatment when I see him.

7. Kicks

KicksGetting into the visitors who I at least interact with every time I see them — Kicks is one of the cooler AC characters, with a great design and a laid back attitude. However, I constantly find his selection of wares disappointing.

I suppose it’s tough to have an exciting assortment when he’s relegated to just shoes, socks, and backpacks, but more often than not, I leave my interactions with him disappointed. At least he looks cool.

6. Label

LabelLabel and Kicks could easily be swapped here, as I find them both to be decent visitors, but nothing to write home about. Label will sometimes provide you with a cool article of clothing you don’t own, but once you’ve logged a couple hundred hours in the game like I have, she’s usually just giving you duplicates.

Fortunately, interactions with her are usually quick and painless, so it never hurts to check in.

5. C.J.

C.J.The fish-buying variant of Flick, C.J. fittingly suffers from the same problem as his partner. I have him ranked higher simply because fishing always tends to be more profitable than bug catching, but when I have more money than I know what to do with, he’s not that useful of a character.

He’s definitely a very exciting early game visitor, though, as he provides a great way to pad that bank account when you’re just starting out.

4. Wisp

WispWisp is one of the more unique AC characters in the series’ history, as he’s an actual ghost. In addition to getting points for his uniqueness, Wisp is also exciting in the sense that when you fulfill his task, you’re guaranteed at least one piece of furniture you haven’t owned yet. No duplicates!

Label needs to take a page out of Wisp’s book here. The only downside to this visitor is that I’ve occasionally had a ridiculously hard time finding the last piece of his spirit. Is that just me?

3. Leif

LeifLeif was one of the characters added in the latest patch for the game, and he was much needed. While Leif doesn’t blow you away (get it?) with anything too exciting, the ability to buy flowers that your shop doesn’t carry, and more importantly, bushes, is an essential step to building your dream town.

If only he would show up a little more frequently… I’ve needed more Azalea bushes to finish a project for what seems like weeks now.

2. Celeste

CelestePerhaps it’s because she seems somewhat rare, but Celeste is easily one of the visitors I get most excited to see. Showing up on random nights throughout the week, it’s always pleasant to see her because you know that not only will you have shooting stars that night, but you’ll also get an awesome new DIY recipe from her.

She hands over the recipe with very little dialogue (something that her brother Blathers desperately needs to take note of) and oftentimes, it’s for some of the coolest decorations in the game. We all need a little more Celeste in our lives.

1. Redd

ReddAdded in the same patch as Leif, Redd has always been one of the best characters in the AC universe. If you absolutely had to pick a villain for the AC experience, I suppose Redd would be your only option. As much as you might want to hunt the devious fox down after you find out he sold you a counterfeit piece of art, there’s no doubt that your interactions with him are some of the funniest in the game.

He also has unique pieces of furniture, many of which make for fantastic decorations for your home or island. Unfortunately, ever since the update that added Redd, he’s visited my island a whopping two times. Perhaps this rarity is part of the reason I have him ranked as my top visitor — absence makes the heart grow fonder.

But still, I would pay a large number of bells to replace one of my weekly Saharah visits for an appearance by everyone’s favorite villainous fox.

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And there you have it: each Animal Crossing New Horizons visitor ranked worst to best. For more on ACNH, be sure to check out the links above. Let us know what you think over on Twitter

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