Agent 47 is best known for his intricate assassinations, but what about his fashion sense? We discuss the best outfits from 2016's HITMAN.

Agent 47’s Best Looks from Hitman (2016)

Agent 47 is best known for his intricate assassinations, but what about his fashion sense? We discuss the best outfits from 2016's HITMAN.
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Agent 47 is best known for his elaborate target take-downs and his ability to move in and out places like a ghost. But beyond his renown as a master assassin with cheekbones to die for, the protagonist of the Hitman franchise is also a very sharp dresser. From the classics to more unorthodox choices, almost every outfit fits our favorite assassin like a glove.

Given Agent 47's fashion conscious lifestyle, 2016's episodic Hitman brought back disguises from previous titles but in bigger and better ways, with each level offering many different outfits to choose from, provided you were (are) in the mood to knock out a man to get his threads.

So in preparation for Agent 47's return, here are some of the best outfits from Hitman (2016)

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The Tuxedo

This gorgeous suit not only serves to help our protagonist blend into the festivities of the Paris fashion show, but it also presents our assassin in a timeless, dapper look that not everyone can achieve outside of perhaps James Bond and Ethan Hunt.

Agent 47 sports a slim cut black blazer with a white undershirt, a dashing bow-tie and a pocket square. This suit should be registered as an official weapon, because with looks like this, you don't need guns. 

Training Gear

The Training outfit is the first outfit shown in the game and is what we see during 47's ICA testing. A form-fitting tactical turtleneck (or tactleneck) with grey slacks, not only is this the perfect outfit to go through a secret society's assassin training, it also serves as a very nice casual look. Whether you're getting ready for a hit or going to the ICA training grounds, it's nice to be comfortable.

This look comes back in the Colorado mission, which has 47 sporting a fashionable leather jacket.

Vampire Magician

Hidden away in the dark recesses of the attic at the Palais de Walewska in Paris, lies an outfit with great mystery, an outfit you won't be able to resist. Its sleek Victorian era look blends the seriousness of vampire drama with the reality of party magicians.

Wherever this strange outfit came from originally, 47 sure pulls off this steampunk look, and it's a good thing too, because this outfit is possibly even more conspicuous than running around in the Requiem suit from Blood Money.

Helmut Kruger's Outfit

Helmut Kruger's outfit is a new cutting-edge design that's part of a clothing line called ICE by Sebastian Sato, the head designer of Sanguine. It looks great normally, but when 47 takes it for a spin, it becomes something ethereal as he stalks his prey in a style that looks like it came straight from the Dishonored series.

He wears it well, from strutting the catwalk to poisoning Dalia Margolis. This outfit can do it all, and it'll make you look damn good while doing it.

Italian suit

A more low-key outfit from his other standout ones. this outfit consists of a buttoned short sleeve shirt and sleek form fitting black pants, with sunglasses to complete this fantastic look. With this suit, Agent 47 looks ready to enjoy some sun and fun in the small coastal town of Sapienza.

These outfits are enough to make anyone reconsider a life of crime and maybe go into a life of high-fashion, too. I can only wonder what will top these beautiful outfits in the sequel.

What are your favorite outfits from Hitman (2016)? Let us know in the comments below! 

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