All Characters in Welcome Home ARG — Full List

Here are all the current characters in Welcome Home ARG

Here are all the current characters in Welcome Home ARG

Welcome Home is an alternative reality game hidden within the colorful illustrations of a website. The game is centered around the 1970s children’s puppet show Welcome Home, which seems to have a darker past than some might think. Here are all of the characters in the Welcome Home ARG.  

Welcome Home Characters List

Wally Darling

Wally is a resident of Home, where he’s a painter. He’s known for being friendly and always smiling, but is the only character that doesn’t have a nose. 

Wally’s Home

Wally lives in the only sentient house in Home. On the neighborhood page, you’ll see its eyes moving around, following your mouse.

Image via Clown Illustrations

Barnaby B. Beagle

Barnaby is one of Welcome Home‘s three anthropomorphic characters. He’s a blue beagle best known for his puns. 

Julie Joyful

A rainbow monster, Julie has candy corn horns and voluminous blonde hair. She’s known to be the happiest resident of Home.

Frank Frankly

Frank is more on the grumpy side compared to his fellow Home residents and is consistently frowning. He is, oddly enough, Julie’s best friend.&nbsp ;

Image via Clown Illustrations

Poppy Partridge

Poppy is some form of bird, with most signs pointing to a large chicken. Her life and show skits center around her baking business. Though she’s brightly colored, she’s often pessimistic and scares easily. 

Howdy Pillar

Howdy is the last of the anthropomorphic characters in Welcome Home. He’s a giant caterpillar that acts as Home’s resident shopkeep, often doing multiple tasks at once due to his many arms and legs.

Sally Starlet

Sally is a literal star, having a star head and a human body. She’s said to have fallen to earth, is adventurous and imaginative, and less cautious than she may need to be.

Eddie Dear

Eddie works as the local mailman and is the only male character to have eyelashes. He will always get the mail delivered, even when his klutzy nature causes an accident. 

Those are the current characters of Welcome Home. It’s been noted that the ARG is still in its prologue stages, so more characters could be added in the future. If you’re looking for more mysteries to unravel, here are all of the Welcome Home ARG hidden links.

Featured image by Clown Illustrations

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