Best Budget Hearthstone Decks for The Witchwood Meta

Can't find dust for all the new legendaries and epics? Don't worry! Try out these low-cost Hearthstone decks for The Witchwood meta.

Can't find dust for all the new legendaries and epics? Don't worry! Try out these low-cost Hearthstone decks for The Witchwood meta.

The first new Hearthstone set of 2018, The Witchwood, marks the beginning of the New Year of the Raven, the rotation of the three old sets, and the introduction of the whole new meta. Just imagine that Jades are gone, Ice Block and Kazakus are gone, Evolve Shaman is gone, and all the Old Gods are also gone.

This means that the new meta will mostly revolve around all the new mechanics from The Witchwood, such as Echo, Rush, and Odd/Even-cost effects. Classes like Druid and Hunter will rely mostly on beast synergies, while Mage and Shaman will keep utilizing elementals.

If you're an F2P player or a beginner, then be sure to check out all nine freshly crafted decks for The Witchwood meta that cost less than 2,000 dust and have accompanying deck strings, which can be simply copy-pasted into your Hearthstone client.

Witching Beast Druid

The Witchwood offers Druid players a new spell -- Witching Hour. It summons a random friendly beast that died during a match-up. This means that you can utilize this cheap spell, which costs only 3 mana, to summon back some cool beasties, such as Druid of the Claw and Stranglehorn Tiger.

This deck is more on the aggro side, and that's why it has lots of early minions that can be buffed with Power of the Wild and Savage Roar. Tortollan Forager will refill your hand with larger minions for late game, if needed.

Druid of the Scythe and Shellshifter can turn into rather dangerous minions with Stealth quite early in the game. And the two new beasts, Lifedrinker and Night Prowler, will help you deal additional damage in the mid-game.

Deck string:


Frenzy Beast Hunter

Hunter also has a few good options for aggressive plays in The Witchwood meta. With the help of Dire Frenzy, a spell that buffs beasts and puts three copies of them in your deck, you can revive a card that has been long forgotten -- Stonetusk Boar.

The strategy of this deck is the following: You need to play Stonetusk Boar with Dire Frenzy on turn five. Then, play Tol'vir Warden to draw two Stonetusks on turn six, one of which you can play again. It will have the 4/4 stats and Charge. Repeat this a few times and win the game.

The rest of the cards are typical Beast Hunter shenanigans, with the addition of Wing Blast, a great new removal from The Witchwood.

Deck string:


Odd Elemental Mage

The new odd-cost Mage revolves around two synergies: card draws and elementals. Cards like Arcane Intellect, Black Cat, and Bonfire Elemental will provide the draw engine, which will buff your Curio Collector.

The rest of the elementals will serve as a fuel for Servant of Kalimos, which will give you even more elementals. Kirin Tor Mage and the secrets will break your opponent's spells and remove large minions, while Arcane Artificer and Flamestrike will clear the board and give you armor. Together these cards do wonders even in such a low-budget deck as this one.

Deck string:


Silver Sword Paladin

After the rotation, you won't see the Handbuff Paladin archetype anymore. However, the new Silver Sword can buff your minions on board, which fits this type of deck just right.

Play your small minions, such as Righteous Protector and the tokens from Lost in the Jungle and Drygulch Jailor. Then, buff them with Lightfused Stegodon, Unidentified Maul, and Silver Sword.

If you play against an aggro deck, then a few secrets and Bellringer Sentry will take care of some of it. But if you need to clear the board, then wait for the Equality + Consecration combo.

Lastly, if you play against control decks with AOEs and other removals, then play Rebuke to prevent your opponents from casting spells right before you finish them off.

Deck string:


Deathrattle Dragon Priest

One of the best Priest cards in The Witchwood is Coffin Crasher, a minion that summons another Deathrattle minion from your hand after it dies. It teams well with such cards as Bone Drake, Tortollan Shellraiser, and itself.

The dragon synergies also work well in this low-cost deck with the help of such cards as Duskbreaker, Twilight Drake, Cobalt Scalebane, and Nightscale Matriarch.

The latter one also synergizes with the new healing spell -- Divine Hymn. In the late game, you can start pushing for higher damage with spells like Free From Amber and Mind Control.

Deck string:


Echo Burgle Rogue

The whole new Rogue deck is focused on buffing Mistwraith, a new card that grows every time you play an Echo card. Spells like Cheap Shot and Pick Pocket can really make it big very fast.

Since Pick Pocket and Blink Fox will give you lots of random cards from other classes, there is a big chance that your Obsidian Shard will cost 0 mana, and you will be able to draw it immediately with the help of Cavern Shinyfinder.

If you suddenly can't find Mistwraith, then you can draw it with the help of Elven Minstrel. Otherwise, just put the good ol' Questing Adventurer on the board and follow the same strategy.

Deck string:


Elemental Shaman

Elemental synergies in Shaman are very strong, so it's a good idea to combine the old tried-and-tested ones with the new card -- Earthen Might. It does two things: buffs your elementals, and adds another random one to your hand.

The two tech cards, such as Fire Plume Harbinger and Murmuring Elemental, can increase the chance of discovering better minions with the help of Servant of Kalimos, or deal twice as much damage with Fire Elemental a turn earlier.

You also have the Blazing Invocation spell that can give you even more elementals or simply good Battlecry cards. So there's a lot of potential here, and all you need is to set it up.

Deck string:


Demon Zoo Warlock

Zoolock, as an archetype, will never leave Hearthstone. It is here to stay, but not unchangeable. A few new cards from The Witchwood make up for some exciting new plays.

For example, the synergy between the two new cards -- Duskbat and Bloodwitch -- is obvious. One deals damage to your hero, and the other summons two 1/1 bats. After that, you can start discovering demons by killing one of the bats using Dark Possession.

The rest of the deck consists of well-known demons and buff spells. The deck is as strong as ever and will provide you with many fun hours of gameplay.

Deck string:


Rush Warrior

Control Warrior is probably one of the hardest decks to play, but this deck is the complete opposite -- it's an Aggro Rush Warrior. Here you have a very swift curve, with the most expensive cards costing only 4 mana.

Most of the minions have Rush, which means that you can attack with them right away. Since you will attack with them, they will get damaged, and that's when you can buff them with Rampage or start drawing cards using Battle Rage.

If you need to buff your minions from the get-go, then Inner Rage is your best friend. Otherwise, equip the Woodcutter's Axe that buffs your Rush minions while in hand.

Deck string:



You can change the non-essential parts of these decks, but the synergies should stay, as that is the only way these decks can win. If you liked these Hearthstone decks for The Witchwood meta, then leave your feedback in the comments section!