Make your Survival walkthrough of Fallout 4 a bit more tolerable (or less) with the help of these fan-made modifications.

Best Fallout 4 Mods for Survival Mode

Make your Survival walkthrough of Fallout 4 a bit more tolerable (or less) with the help of these fan-made modifications.

You haven’t truly played Fallout 4 if you’ve never played it in Survival mode, as it offers the highest level of difficulty for those who like to spice up their gameplay. However, you can make this ride a bit more comfortable with a few modifications that are available online.

The Fallout 4 community has created a list of the most sought out mods for Fallout 4 Survival mode, and here we present them with download links and a few useful tips to follow. These mods will be especially helpful for people who have no or very little experience in Survival mode.

They don’t exactly make things easier for you from the get-go, but give a bit of a push when you need it -- just enough to make it through the hardest parts.

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Create Your Own Difficulty Rebalance (CYODR)

Creator: The Iron Rose

This great little mod allows you to adjust the amount of damage you deal and take in Survival mode. For example, the default settings are 1.5x for the damage you deal, and 2.0x for the damage you take relatively to Normal mode.

With CYODR you can set your own values -- you can take less damage and deal more to the enemies, just to make things a bit easier for yourself. On the other hand, you can increase these numbers and go full hardcore, so it’s up to you.

Rebalancer - Gameplay Balance Centre

Creator: Jonnyeah

Rebalancer is one of the best mods on the list. It has a comprehensive approach to the difficulty balance, and if you don’t want to get into every little detail, then you can always choose one of the three presets.

Just like CYODR, Rebalancer can make your gameplay easier or harder depending on your settings. Some players like to use it to increase the amount of loot that they find, but strictly limit their health growth while leveling up. And that's just one of the many choices that is offered by the Rebalancer.

No Sleep Till Bedtime (NSTB)

Creator: Gopher

This simple mod is actually a very useful one – it allows you to quicksave wherever you are and whenever you want. If you play in Survival mode, you know that saving is available only when you find a bed, and as soon as you leave it, the save is deleted.

With NSTB you can save in Survival mode anywhere just by choosing the option in your Pipboy menu. You can also increase the amount of save files up to three, if there is a need to return to an earlier spot. This makes things a bit easier, but still not too easy.

Frisbee Mine

Creator: LilKandeeKid

Due to scarce amounts of ammo and other items in Survival mode, you need to find a way to protect yourself with other available means. The Frisbee Mine mod gives you such means by letting you throw mines like grenades.

So, if you’re suddenly out of grenades, you can use mines instead. More than that, you can use all kinds of mines, including the nuke ones. This little but very useful mod will save your life many times during your Survival walkthrough.

Commonwealth Challenges

Creator: Pokepunch

Survival mode offers no extra opportunities for leveling up. So if you want to gain new and useful abilities, then this mod will help you with that. It adds special challenges to your gameplay that grant you new perks by accomplishing them.

Actually, this mod emulates the challenges from Fallout: New Vegas, such as “Kill [Enemy type]” or “Get Kills with [Weapon type/Weapon].” Commonwealth Challenges mod is really useful on extreme modes, and it is regularly updated by its creator.

Homemaker - Expanded Settlements

Creator: NovaCoru

What about settlements? Here is an excellent mod to make your home building in Fallout 4 so much better. It adds over a thousand new craftable objects for both the exterior and interior of your settlements.

Also, if you lack food there are several new crops for you to grow with the help of Homemaker mod, such as Silt Beans and Tarberries. And, if you don’t want to bother building your home from scratch, there are enough prebuilt sets for all kinds of tastes.

Unlimited Companion Framework (UCF)

Creator: Expired6978

Having a companion is essential in Fallout 4. It is even more important in the Survival mode, where you need help as never before. Now, how about having more than one companion? Or how about having as many companions as you want?

The UCF mod allows you to have up to fifteen companions at your side -- all at once! Well, maybe fifteen would be a bit overwhelming, but you can still have two or three and do wonders in the game. Having more than one companion drastically changes your experience in Survival mode.

War Of The Commonwealth - Spawns

Creator: Engager

If you feel that Survival isn’t hard enough, then take a look at the War Of The Commonwealth mod. Basically, it increases the number of enemy spawns within the Commonwealth. Also, there are fewer stimpaks and other items, which make the gameplay much more dangerous.

As the creator of the mod states:

“The vanilla Fallout 4 doesn’t feel like its world had 200 years of mutant reproduction, so the mod has been made to fix this mistake.”

Survival Options

Creator: Jekod

If you’re tired of installing many different mods for Fallout 4, then Survival Options mod is the one for you. It’s like a bundle of all the little mods gathered into one simple holotape. You can choose any option and enable it immediately -- such as turning off hunger, thirst or sleep, fast travel, companion autoheal, etc.

Just tweak anything you want to make your Survival experience more tolerable. The mod is regularly updated with new features, and you can even send a message to the creator of this mod, if you have suggestions of your own.

Better warning for settlements being attacked (BWFSBA)

Creator: Shaikujin

This is definitely the mod everybody needs – it warns about the attacks on your settlement immediately when it happens. More than that, you will know what type of attackers decided to ruin your homebase, whether it’s a swarm of feral ghouls or super mutants.

Without the mod, you often need to check your quest log manually to see,\ if your settlement is under attack or not. But with the help of BWFSBA you don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Darker Nights

Creator: unforbidable

Darkness plays a huge role when you need to immerse yourself into the wasteland. This little visual mod adds seven degrees of darkness to your game, which you can regulate through your menu. Also, the creator of the mod suggests toggling the 24/7 Night Mode option for a neverending night in Fallout 4.

How this can help you in Survival mode? Well, enemies won’t be able to detect you too well in darkness, and you will have enough time to sneak up on them.

Power Armor Overhaul

Creator: ZephyrWarrior

With the help of this mod, your power armor and that of NPCs will prevent you from taking health damage until one of its parts falls away. In this case, the power armor works as a shield that you first must break in order to hit the target.

It also has many visual options to choose from, such as paintjobs, materials, coatings, etc. This mod also adds a nice touch to your Survival game by reducing the amount of fusion cores that you can find in the wasteland. So, good luck with that!

What other Fallout 4 mods would you recommend for Survival mode? Leave your suggestions in the comments section.

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