Best Farming Minecraft Seeds

These are the best Minecraft seeds for all types of farming.

Farming is one of the most important aspects of any survival game in Minecraft. You can farm almost anything, starting with wheat and carrots and finishing with hostile mobs and rare blocks, such as obsidian.

Here, you will find the best Minecraft seeds for anything you might be interested in farming, whether itbe animals or plants. All these seeds have perfect conditions for turning your farming Minecraft experience into a real pleasure.

Wheat Farming

Seed: 4016884881957666109
Version: 1.8.8

Spawn in the plains area close to a very small village with only one wheat farm. This is more than enough for you to start and expand upon, as wheat farming is probably the easiest thing to farm in Minecraft. Just take the wheat and plant it near the source of water in the soil. In no time you will have as much wheat as you need.

Pumpkin Farming

Seed: -6538418009462208836
Version: 1.9

Spawn in the forest biome close to a plains village that stands very close to a pond of water that is perfect for farming. There you will see naturally generated pumpkins which you can use for your own pumpkin farms. Just extract the seeds by using the crafting table and make sure that you can make enough room for each seed on your pumpkin farm.

Sugarcane Farming

Seed: 2862195391202452043
Version: 1.7.9

Spawn on top of a small survival island inhabited by only a couple of pigs. On the very edge of the island you will find a few plants of sugarcane. Use this seed to farm sugarcane, which is one of the rarest types of plant in Minecraft. You need to plant sugarcane very close to the source of water and the island shoreline fits this purpose just fine.

Cocoa Farming

Seed: -5137594404538664075
Version: 1.8.4

Spawn amidst a massive jungle forest – a natural spawn location of cocoa. All you have to do is smash the cocoa pods growing on the trees at these coordinates: 113 75 291, and you will get a whole bunch of cocoa beans ready to be farmed outside the jungle. You can also use cocoa beans for dyeing items or baking cookies.

Pig Farming

Seed: 7959046483436724360
Version: 1.9

Spawn in the flat area of the plains biome with a few patches of the forest here and there. Close to the spawn you will see a whole bunch of piggies waiting to be domesticated. You can start by building a fenced enclosure where you can keep your pigs. Then, use carrots to attract their attention and bring them inside the enclosure – and there you have it – your own pig farm in Minecraft.

Horse Farming

Seed: -8880302588844065321
Version: 1.9

Spawn at the intersection of three biomes: plains, jungle and mesa. Right at the spawn you will see a horde of untamed horses and a bunch of watermelons nearby.

You can locate a small village at these coordinates: 200 75 -150, where you can start building a stable for the horses. However, you will need at least one golden apple in order to tame the horses. Some of the gold ingots and ordinary apples necessary for crafting a golden apple can already be found at the blacksmith’s chest in the village.

Sheep Farming

Seed: 3488401864459743156
Version: 1.8.7

Spawn in an extreme hills biome with a valley full of sheep below. Sheep are probably the easiest type of animal to domesticate and farm in Minecraft besides pigs. All they need is a little bit of wheat and a fenced enclosure for keeping them all together. This Minecraft seed has everything you need for setting up a sheep farm of your own.

Wolf/Dog Farming

Seed: -1633992683
Version: 1.7.2

Spawn amidst a lush plains area with ponds, trees, flowers and a lot of wild animals, especially wolves. So, if you want to start a ranch with dogs, you now have enough wolves to tame. You will need some meat to attract them and start breeding them at your personal Minecraft farm. Also, you will find a lot of horses and pigs around, so your farm will be able to grow really fast.

Skeleton Farming

Seed: 3488401864459743156
Version: 1.8.7

Spawn at the foot of a massive mountain formation at the extreme hills biome with some cool floating islands above. You will find a whole group of wild pigs and cows roaming around, and at -176 80 232 you can locate a double skeleton spawner that is positioned where it's not too deep to reach, which makes it an excellent spot for farming skeletons.

All you need is to make a convenient entrance for yourself and wait for the nighttime – this is when you can farm as much experience as you want (mobs can spawn only in the dark).

Obsidian Farming

Seed: -8880302588844065321
Version: 1.9

Spawn right next to a cool NPC village that stands on the surface of the water, which already makes this Minecraft seed excellent for crop farming. Very close to the spawn you will see a small pool of lava that is the most important condition for obsidian farming.

As you may know, obsidian is created by water flowing over lava, thus creating blocks of obsidian. In this seed you have everything for creating your own advanced obsidian farm.

What is your favorite kind of farming in Minecraft? Share your stories in the comments section below.