Best Last-Minute Gifts for Gamers Under $30

Sometimes you just need a couple of stocking fillers, or you're just in a pinch for cash. Nevertheless, we have found some incredibly awesome gaming gifts that won't even exceed $30!

Sometimes you just need a couple of stocking fillers, or you're just in a pinch for cash. Nevertheless, we have found some incredibly awesome gaming gifts that won't even exceed $30!
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If you're trying not to break the bank when picking up those last-minute gifts for the gamers in your life, then fear not! The truly fantastic gifts we've included in our lineup are just what you're looking for. From T-shirts to cookware to posters, why would you spend more when you can choose an awesome gift from these options?

Video Game T-Shirt

Price: $19.99
Buy it on: Amazon

If you want to scream from the rooftops that you're a gamer, then this is the shirt that will do it. Plus, it's also an intriguing conversation starter with someone about what kind of games you're into. 

It comes in a range of sizes for men, women, and children, so every one of your gamer friends can have an awesome T-Shirt to let people know they are in love with video games. Either that or, if you have a really intense gamer friend, then this is a hilarious way to remind them of that. 

Gamer Socks

Price: $11.89
Buy it on: Etsy

Have you ever been in a really intense match or that moment in the story where everything is coming together? Then suddenly someone tries to have a conversation with you, and it's enraging? I'm sure it's happened to every gamer at some point, and when you're concentrating, it can be hard to relay your message to someone else.

These socks are a perfect way to tell someone that you're gaming and want to be left in peace. That is, assuming you don't need to move your legs too high. They're super cute and comfortable -- also, if you're over at someone's house, they will be dying to try and read the message as you walk through their home. 

PUBG Helmet & Pan

Price: $12.95+
Buy it on: Etsy

PUBG has become massive: With an insane amount of gamers frequenting the servers every day, it is an unprecedented success. With this success ultimately come merchandise and cool knick-knacks to dot throughout your home. 

The creator has purposely designed the helmet and pan to look worn, as if they had been bought directly from inside the game. They are small items, and the helmet is not wearable, but they are an amazing collectible set to be able to put on your desk or on a shelf next to all your other gaming merchandise. 

Gamer Mug

Price: $9.01
Buy it on: Etsy

It doesn't matter what game you're playing and for how long, sooner or later you're going to need to drink something. So, why not have a gaming-themed mug to match all the other collectibles you have dotted around. The design is incredibly simple but well made, with a lot of components and colors, but they don't seem invasive. 

This is a perfect gift if you're not sure what games someone is into, or if you don't know their size for clothing merchandise. You can always be sure that a mug is a safe bet when looking for a gaming present. 

Sonic Poster

Price: $12.47+
Buy it on: Etsy

This retro and elegant poster will have any gamer's heart skip a beat when they open this up. The design is simplistic, but it has incredibly authentic and iconic Sonic imagery that make for an essential gift. This one's not just for those who are Sonic fans, but for gamers across the board. 

The poster comes in a variety of sizes, and the price depends on what one you go for. It doesn't come in the frame, but the beauty of the image means you could frame it or just simply hang it above your bed. 


Nintendo T-Shirt

Price: $17.88
Buy it on: Redbubble

This is by far my personal favorite item for this list. The design is so vivid, and the comic book style creates a sense of movement within the image. It is a wonderful shirt with key Nintendo characters gracing its design. 

The artwork is beautiful, and it will take you right back to those days when you were a kid trying to figure out what to do in Zelda. It's a brilliant way to bring classic games back into your life, especially with the recent additions to the Zelda, Mario and Pokemon series.



Price: $23.85
Buy it on: Etsy

If the Gamer Mug wasn't quite doing it for you, then this beautifully stylized World of Warcraft mug is sure to do the trick. It looks incredibly authentic and is well made to boot. 

The inside consists of stainless steel, and the mug is made from oak. If that wasn't enough, then you can have a personalized engraving on the bottom. It makes it perfect for wedding gifts, birthdays, and the holidays -- any occasion. This gift is sure to be a winner.


Now you have an entire list of perfect gaming gifts for under $30! You can get someone a truly special gift for practically nothing. Personalized and thoughtful gifts show you care about that person. What better way to show that then engaging in their interests?

What did you think of our gaming gift list? Are there any items you are dying to have? Let us know in the comments below.