Looking for a nice, warm break from the harsh winter storms? We've got the best desert biome Minecraft seeds for you!

Best Minecraft 1.12 Desert Seeds

Looking for a nice, warm break from the harsh winter storms? We've got the best desert biome Minecraft seeds for you!

Of all the many Minecraft biomes, the humble desert seems to have the least to offer. It's fairly uniform in nature and doesn't always have the abundance of resources that other biomes have (but we know where you can find more resources than you'd know what to do with). However, that doesn't mean the desert should be overlooked. In addition to temples full of treasure, deserts often house spectacular villages made of sand and make the best background for survival mode, among other things. Interested? Good. Because we've compiled a list of the 7 top Minecraft desert seeds for 1.12, including villages, temples, magnificent vistas, zombies, and more!

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Seed: 400009
Biomes: Desert, Plains, Forest

This seed has you spawn right on the edge of three biomes. The desert is the main attraction here, though, since it has a pyramid directly south of your spawn point, at the coordinates 229, 64, 334. But, if you get tired of exploring the vast sandy expanses, you can always look for the various types of animals available to you in the other biomes, including wolves and rabbits. It's a perfect all-purpose exploration seed, with limitless possibilities to satisfy your wanderlust.

Image via DigMinecraft

Seed: 7890
Biome: Desert

This seed spawns you right next to a massive desert, which dominates the landscape. But that's not all -- there are two desert villages to be found as well. The first one is north of the spawn point, at -408,70,-216, while the second is south of the spawn point, at -472,69,248. The villages themselves don't have any particularly interesting features. However, the vast expanse of desert and the presence of two villages does make for an interesting and involved survival game, and it's hard to imagine a more suitable setting for such a venture.

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Seed number: -1956807938
Biomes: Desert, Savanna

This seed sees you spawn near the desert, but that's not the only thing worthy of your attention. Instead, it's the village right on the desert's border, which just so happens to be full of zombies. By the time you arrive, they're likely to be on fire, wandering around. So it's up to you whether you want to engage them in combat or take the opportunity to escape into the desert for a spot of survival and sandcastle building, knowing that just a few steps away, evil awaits you.

Seed Number: 1756427906
Biomes: Desert. Taiga, Roofed Forest

Here's a seed that comes with its own unique atmosphere. The taiga and roofed forest settings give this seed a more brooding feeling, ramping up the sense of isolation. However, the main attraction is, of course, the desert temple. And, lucky for you, it's extremely easy to find, since you spawn right in front of it. There is a heap of useful treasure to be found too.

  • Golden Apple
  • 2 Emeralds
  • 2 Enchanted Books
  • Saddle

A bit to the west of the temple, you'll find a village as well.

Seed number: -635205980
Biomes: Desert, Mesa

Here's an interesting desert seed, to be sure. You spawn right near a coastal desert village. Once you've finished admiring the view -- and sneaking around the houses -- travel towards the mesa biome, specifically to -808, y376. There, you'll find the next village. Despite being in transition zone for the mesa, this is another desert village. This one has a rail leading into the mesa, plus a chest. But, if you go due west from the spawn point, you'll also encounter a blacksmith village, complete with saddle, iron breastplate, and horses.

Seed: -594987688368855
Biomes: Desert, Jungle, Mesa Plateau, Savanna

Okay, so the desert isn't the only biome for this seed. But it's definitely worth looking into nonetheless. The other biome types give you plenty of room to wander and would be ideal for survival mode, which is reason enough to recommend the seed. However, it's the desert where the real treasure is. In the center of the world, at -200, -840, the four biomes meet, and there's a desert temple right in the middle, along with a blacksmith village. The desert temple contains the following:

  • Golden Apple
  • diamond horse armor
  • 6 gold ingots,
  • 15 iron ingots
  • Fortune III Enchanted Book

Seed: lowbo
Seed number: 103164577
Biomes: Desert, Savanna

This one is an all-purpose seed, perfect for combat, exploration, and -- most importantly -- treasure. Once you spawn in the savanna, head towards the desert; you can easily see the desert temple in the distance. Inside the temple, you'll find four chests, each with a Golden Apple. There's also a village around the temple, but it's no ordinary desert village. This one's full of zombies!


From exploration and combat, to desert spelunking and survival, the deserts of Minecraft offer all the material you need for your next adventure! Looking for even more Minecraft goodness without the fuss? Check out our picks for last year's best of the best!

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