Top 11 Minecraft Seeds for Gathering Resources in 1.12

11 of the best resource-rich Minecraft seeds for v.1.12! Find diamonds, emeralds, golden apples, and more in these awesome Minecraft seeds.

Want to develop a sprawling city in Minecraft? There are seeds for that. Wish you could simply explore some varied biomes? There are seeds for that too. Simply being lazy? You guessed it -- seeds! Minecraft seeds are the perfect way to find that perfect world without spending any time searching for it.

So where do you go when you want to mine some resources quickly? We've collected some of the best resource-rich Minecraft seeds in the Java Edition (aka version 1.12, the current version as of writing). Enjoy!

Landlocked Mushroom Island

Seed Number: 3327780

Biome: Mushroom island, plains, more

Minecraft seeds with loot and treasure

Image via Minecraft Seed HQ

Enjoy the best a mushroom biome has to offer, with less water. The seed places you on an island full of mushrooms and mooshrooms in the middle of an ocean . . . that's surrounded by land. In fact, the island is attached to land on one end, making it more of a mushroom peninsula. This landlocked island is the perfect place to gather some shrooms, while the surrounding environment is resource-rich as well with a number of biomes to explore.

Desert Temple

Seed number: 1756427906

Biome: Desert, taiga, roofed forest

Minecraft seeds with loot and treasure

Image via Minecraft Seed HQ

This seed drops you off right at the entrance to a temple in the desert, where you can gather resources like emeralds, gunpowder, enchanted books, gold, iron, a golden apple, and more. Once you've raided the temple, the surrounding area is home to the desert biome but also a taiga and a roofed forest biome where you can find even more goodies to gather.

Abandoned Mineshaft and Blacksmith Village

Seed number: 105899026

Biome: Plains

Minecraft seeds with loot and treasure

Image via Minecraft Seed HQ

A blacksmith village situated directly on top of an abandoned mineshaft -- what could be better? Grab the loot from the blacksmith's chest, then head out to find the mine. To drop into the mine, dig down under the well in the village (if you don't find it, come back up and dig on a different side). Then explore and dig up ores galore!

Blacksmiths, Desert Temples, and Villages

Seed number: 902754907900246

Biome: Plains, roofed forest, savanna

Minecraft seeds with loot and treasure

Image via YouTube

This seed contains not one, not two, but five villages to explore, four of which have blacksmiths. Collect valuable resources like diamonds and obsidian from the blacksmiths, then travel to the two desert temples found in the seed for even more resource gathering. Check out the map here.

The Unobtanium Seed

Seed number: -741878614836475791

Biome: Too many to list

This absolutely amazing seed has such a huge amount of resources and other things to explore that you may never want to leave. It contains a whopping 25 villages (with 15 blacksmiths distributed among them), 12 desert temples, ocean monuments, and more. Here you can gather diamonds, obsidian, sets of iron armor, iron, gold, and oh so much more. Be aware that some of this seed is glitched, but the sheer abundance of content makes it well worth the visit anyway.

Temple, Blacksmith Village

Seed number: -6162214483011294049

Biome: Desert

Minecraft seeds with loot and treasure

Image via Minecraft Seed

You'll find diamonds galore at the desert temple in this seed -- well, okay, just two. But alongside the two diamonds, you'll also loot emeralds, saddles, a golden apple, and more. Visit the nearby town for blacksmith goodies like gold and iron, and don't forget to explore the surrounding farms and caves for even more resources.

Mooshrooms and Icy Plains

Seed nunber: 1171472106872628254

Biome: Jungle, mesa, mushroom island, ice spikes plains, and more

Minecraft seeds with loot and treasure

Image via Imgur

More than just a place to gather resources, this seed is one place you'll want to stop and enjoy the scenery. You'll find majestic and rare ice spikes, dense jungle, and a tall formation that gives you a great vantage point over the land and waters below. Of course, there are treasures aplenty to find too, from the much-lauded mooshrooms in the inland island to the goodies found underfoot among the ice spikes.

9 Villages, 3 Temples, Exposed Dungeon, and More

Seed number: 1101475781

Biome: Desert, jungle, savanna, ocean, mushroom, and more

Minecraft seeds with loot and treasure

Image via Imgur

This seed contains a plethora of resources, villages, temples, and more -- all within 1,000 blocks from spawn. Hidden among all the structures and locations to explore are diamonds, emeralds, a diamond horse armor, and so much more. If the two desert temples and one jungle temple don't contain enough loot for you, there are various caves, ravines, and crazy rock formations to explore between villages. You can see the coordinates for points of interest here.  

Savanna Plateau and Desert

Seed number: -3449389425749886775

Biome: Savanna, desert

Minecraft seeds with loot and treasure

Image via Imgur

In this seed, you spawn in between a desert temple and a village. Explore nearby to uncover two more villages and three more temples -- at least. As per usual, the temples are a fountain of loot and resources, with rare goods just waiting to be uncovered. Don't forget to take a moment and appreciate the savanna plateau towering over you while you're here.

Mushroom Island, Temples, and Stronghold

Seed number: 4360143850611201777

Biome: Mushroom island, plains, extreme hills, desert

Minecraft seeds with loot and treasure

In this seed, spawn in a mushroom island biome that . . . isn't an island at all? Surrounded by three other biomes, these mushrooms grow practically on top of the desert temple. A nice mix of resource-rich locations, this seed provides players with access to mushrooms, diamonds, a golden apple, and more. You can also find three villages (two of which have a blacksmith with obsidian and diamonds) and a stronghold, making this a great overall seed for rare resources -- though it's worth visiting for the strange sight of a mushroom island springing up in the middle of a desert.

Iron-Rich Blacksmith Village

Seed number: 66830

Biome: Plains, roofed forest

Minecraft seeds with loot and treasure

Image via Minecraft Seeds HQ

Right at spawn you find a half-submerged village with a blacksmith's chest full to bursting with iron items -- from ingots to armor -- as well as three diamonds, gold, and obsidian. It's a great place to start your exploration! Also found in the village are five farms with a huge variety of crops, and beyond the village are lots of trees and gorgeous, large rock formations.


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Published Jun. 9th 2020

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