Basalt deltas and ruined portals are now readily available in this month's slection of the top Minecraft 1.16 seeds.

Best Minecraft 1.16 Seeds for May 2020

Basalt deltas and ruined portals are now readily available in this month's slection of the top Minecraft 1.16 seeds.
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We're getting closer and closer to the official release of the Nether Update for Minecraft 1.16, and these are some of the best seeds leading up to that drop.

Since last month, a whole new nether biome has been introduced: the basalt deltas. It's primarily a volcanic biome with ash and dust, but you can mine it for materials like basalt and blackstone. It also includes three types of mobs: ghasts, magma cubes, and striders.

Mojang has added ruined portals to both overworld and nether, which can serve as excellent jumping points for both of these worlds. On top of that, the nether world now has a new type of structure in bastion remnants. It's quite different from the nether fortresses and has unique loot to offer.

Let's look at this month's selection of top Minecraft seeds for snapshot 20w18a.

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Seed: 457969645958202974

Coordinates: -200, 50
Biomes: Crimson Forest

This seed has you spawn on an island with a village. Go to coordinates 600, 200 for a ruined portal.

This portal will take you straight into the nether world, where you'll find bastion remnants at coordinates -250, 200.

Check out the two huge chests at the bastion for some top-tier loot and some of the most unique items in Minecraft.

Seed: -6160618112742467480

Coordinates: 200, -150
Biomes: Basalt Deltas

Here, you will spawn in the center of a plains village, where you can start building your own nether portal.

This portal will take you straight to the newest nether biome, the basalt deltas. From there, travel to coordinates -200, 500 for a massive nether fortress. Check out every corridor and tower for some good loot.

Seed: -4533340919460055907

Coordinates: 50, -100
Biomes: Plains, Taiga

In this seed, you'll spawn between two villages. One is in a plains biome, and the other is in a taiga forest. Each village has its own ruined portal with an extra treasure chest.

From there, travel north to find a third village behind the extreme hills at coordinates 200, 200. It's pretty close to spawn, so you should have no problem finding it.

Seed: -4443907036445216574

Coordinates: -50, -100
Biomes: Taiga, Plains, Jungle

This seed will require you to cover some hefty distances, but it's for a prize well worth having.

At coordinates -3050, 650, you will find a jungle pyramid, a plains village with a blacksmith, and a taiga village standing next to each other.

This is pretty far away from spawn, but if you get there, the survival game gets really exciting.

Seed: 2935938637606540470

Coordinates: -50, -100
Biomes: Various

This is another seed that requires some legwork if you want to see one of the rarest sights in Minecraft. At coordinates -3400, -50, you will find a mushroom island enclosed in a circle of icebergs.

This massive island offers a large selection of resources. It's worth finding, even if it takes some time.

Seed: 8853925997459641497

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Roofed Forest, Desert

In this seed, you'll spawn at the foot of a pillager post. From there, head north.

Soon, you will encounter a rarity at coordinates 400, -700. There is a woodland mansion standing next to a desert village with a temple.

The village itself is rather small, but there are plenty of valuables inside the temple chests.

Seed: 9218726455432491446

Coordinates: 150, -200
Biomes: Plains, Ocean

Here, you'll spawn on the border of a forest biome and an ice plains biome. From spawn, head east across an ocean. At coordinates 800, -400, you will stumble upon an island village with a surface shipwreck.

There is also an ocean monument right under the village at the shore, which is a great source of gold.

Seed: 7806202182381242767

Coordinates: 100, -150
Biomes: Taiga, Mushroom Island

After you spawn, travel south to coordinates -900, 1300. There you will find a taiga village on the border of a mushroom island.

On that island, you will also find a ruined portal, which misses only a few blocks of obsidian. On the other side of the taiga biome, you will see a second ruined portal at coordinates -1100, 1300.

Seed: 7209595965162015123

Coordinates: -150, 50
Biomes: Mesa, Desert, Plains

What about a nether portal and an end portal spawning at the same coordinates?

This Minecraft seed offers an anomaly at coordinates -2000, -1050. The end portal can be found right under the ruined portal.

Near the portals, you will see a desert temple and a village at coordinates -2000, -1000 and -2000, -850, respectively.

Seed: -1598824266006780144

Coordinates: 150, 100
Biomes: Desert, Ocean

When you can find some structures at spawn, it feels good. But what about finding almost all the structures at spawn?

In this seed, you will find a village, a pillager post, a desert temple, an ocean monument, a shipwreck, and two ruined portals, all at spawn.

This is an amazing Minecraft seed you should definitely check out.

Seed: -5662390514659851700

Coordinates: 50, -250
Biomes: Various

In this seed, you'll spawn between a desert temple and a village. From those buildings, head north for a fantastic island village at coordinates 1100, -1250.

Actually, this village occupies only one of the three biomes of the island, which consist of plains, desert, and extreme hills, where you will find a ravine and an exposed, abandoned mineshaft.

Seed: -2630373842561556588

Coordinates: 100, 150
Biomes: Roofed Forest

Woodland mansions rarely spawn near other structures, but this seed offers such a unique opportunity at coordinates 1450, -550.

The village in the forest is not large, but it is more than enough to act as your base for a survival game. Further south, you will also find a jungle pyramid at coordinates 1850, -300.

Seed: 493060932156064310

Coordinates: 150, 150
Biomes: Mushroom Island, Ocean

This seed has a flower forest village with ruined portal at spawn!

If you want something extra for your survival game, then travel to coordinates -1500, -900 for an island village that stands right next to a mushroom biome.

This is a really neat combination, which allows you to mine for a lot of various types of resources.

Seed: -3714757682118750540

Coordinates: 100, 50
Biomes: Frozen Ocean, Icebergs

Here, you'll spawn on an island with a village surrounded by a thick ring of icebergs. The only thing closeby is an ocean monument under the village.

This is a survival seed in hard mode, but if you like the challenge, then be sure to check this one out.

Seed: -3754249433899321786

Coordinates: 50, -50
Biomes: Various

This seed will have you spawn in a jungle biome with a jungle temple close by at coordinates -650, -250.

Go further north to coordinates -800, -350, and build a nether portal on the ocean shore. When you enter the portal, you will spawn inside a massive nether fortress surrounded by all new nether biomes.

Seed: -533350605166125212

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Ice Plains

This seed has a snow village with three blacksmiths at spawn!

Further south, you will find another snow village that stands next to a pillager post and an igloo at coordinates -150, 700.

Lastly, at coordinates -800, 800, you will find another igloo hidden under the trees of the cold tundra biome.

Seed: 107038380838084

Coordinates: 50, 50
Biomes: Ocean

You will spawn just a few hundred blocks away from a fantastic island village with ocean temple underneath at coordinates -200, 700.

At coordinates -2300, 550, you will encounter another island village if you have time to travel that far. Finally, a third village with a pillager post can be found at coordinates -1500, -900.

Seed: 4665688318183449341

Coordinates: 150, 100
Biomes: Various

Here, you'll spawn in the middle of a landlocked patch of plains biome with a taiga village. This is a well-protected location, where mobs won't find you.

From there, you can travel east, where you will find a jungle pyramid at coordinates 750, 150.

Seed: 8652584041078062722

Coordinates: -200, 50
Biomes: Various

At times, finding certain biomes can be really difficult. In this Minecraft seed, you have access to a wide variety of biomes right at spawn.

If you go west, you'll enter mesa and savanna, and if you go east, you'll access ice plains and spikes biomes.

Seed: 3436972529106035195

Coordinates: 50, 200
Biomes: Ocean, Savanna

Here, you'll spawn on an island with savanna village and a ruined portal under the water. The island is rather large, so you will have plenty of space to build other things, and the ruined portal is almost finished.

Don't forget to check out an ocean temple nearby at coordinates -250, 150.


That's it for this month's best Minecraft seeds. For more Minecraft seeds, check out the list below:

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