Now that Minecraft Java Edition's Nether Update is out, it's time to take a look at the best seeds — this time on Nintendo Switch.

Best Switch Minecraft Seeds August 2020

Now that Minecraft Java Edition's Nether Update is out, it's time to take a look at the best seeds — this time on Nintendo Switch.

Now that Minecraft Java Edition has been updated to version 1.16.1 to support The Nether Update, you can enjoy some of its many seeds that offer a breadth of resources and other aspects you'll definitely want to check out.

In this list, we'll go through some of Minecraft's best seeds on Nintendo Switch, ranging from areas that include villages and Nether Portals to those that feature a slew of materials to help you on your journey. 

Here are some of the best Minecraft seeds to check out on Nintendo Switch. 

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Seed: 542630838

Coordinates: 1337, 64, 15
Biome: Beach

This Nintendo Switch Minecraft seed is excellent, especially for newcomers who want a lot of resources right away. Right from spawn, you'll find a village with lots of useful items like a furnace, smithing tables, and chests.

These chests contain iron ingots, bread, and other food! You can find obsidian and an iron chestplate, as well perfect for getting you started. 

Seed: -601007027

Coordinates: 1027, 70, 198
Biomes: Desert, Mountains

Here's yet another seed with a ton of resources to gather right at spawn. Immediately, you'll have access to a village with chests that contain items like emeralds, bread, and wheat.

More importantly, a partially built Nether Portal is nearby — close to a chest full of materials you can use to complete it! Once you make it to The Nether, you'll have access to soul sand, nether wart, and other new items. 

Seed: 174562031

Coordinates: 1438, 78, 106
Biomes: Forest

Head to coordinates 1438, 78, 106 to find a Broken Nether Portal Village, with a stonecutter, apples, gold nuggets, and more.

Besides all that loot, the other great thing about this Nintendo Switch Minecraft seed is the nearby deep ravine, featuring lots of mining material and a mineshaft, where you'll find carts featuring Lapis Lazuli and other items you shouldn't miss.

Seed: 1606116765

Coordinates: 82, 89, 1003
Biomes: Badlands

In this seed, you can find a Ruined Portal at coordinates 82, 89, 1003. The nearby chest includes a golden pickaxe, an iron nugget, obsidian, and a golden shovel to get you started.

Also, check out the Desert Temple at 113, 76, 830. Remember, destroy the blue block to uncover a secret floor featuring chests full of goodies!

Seed: 464136790

Coordinates: 762, 65, 200
Biomes: Desert

You'll want to check out this Minecraft seed for the Temple that appears close to spawn. Head to coordinates 762, 65, 200 to find it — and remember to break the blue square in the middle to reveal a hidden area with four crates.

Also, a Ruined Portal lies nearby at 702, 64, 134. It will take you to The Nether. 

Seed: 445696864

Coordinates: 484, 73, -738
Biomes: Jungle, Mountain, Swamp, Birch

This seed is great because it gives you nearly every biome imaginable — all close to spawn. Seriously, pick any direction in a 360-degree radius and you'll end up in a new biome.

It's great if you plan on making the most of your building materials. Better yet, at coordinates 484, 73, -738, you'll find a village with a gear upgrade station and a brewing stand.

Seed: 12620

Coordinates: 553, 87, 172
Biomes: Forest

A Temple Village appears near spawn at coordinates 553, 87, 172. Here, you'll find food like apples, bread, and potatoes — as well as a crafting table, emeralds, and all the carrots someone could ask for.

Don't pass up this Minecraft Nintendo Switch seed, especially if you want a great way to start with plenty of food to keep you going. 

Seed: -1719678271

Coordinates: 530, 65, 190
Biomes: Forest

This is another seed with tons of biomes that appear close to spawn.

The other reason this seed is worth your time is for the Witch Hut that spawns at coordinates 530, 65, 190. And if you head to coordinates -5, 72, 244, you'll find another Ruined Portal, which will take you to The Nether once you repair it.

Seed: -939727101

Coordinates: 383, 89, 119
Biomes: Mountains

This seed is great because it features a Ruined Portal right at the spawn. Plus, you can head to coordinates 383, 89, 119 to find an Outpost and a Shattered Savanna Village, with lots of resources to gather.

The village contains a Repair & Disenchant table, and plenty of food to hold you over for a while.

Seed: -1088625115

Coordinates: 27, 68, 161
Biomes: Forest, Mountain

This Minecraft Nintendo Switch seed features a Portal Village pretty close to spawn at coordinates 27, 68, 161. Here, you can find an Armorer, as well as a ton of goodies in the chest by the portal, such as obsidian, and golden gear. That way, you'll be plenty prepared when you dive into The Nether. 

The best Nintendo Switch Minecraft seeds aren't limited to these ones — they're just the best ones we've encountered while playing for the month of August 2020. For more on Minecraft, don't forget to click the links above or visit its hub page here, where you'll find lots of guides, tips, and tricks.  

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