Best Video Game Items Ported to Real Life

What would your favorite video game items look like in real life?

What would your favorite video game items look like in real life?
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When you play a game, certain things might stick out to you. It might be the amazing story that you will remember for the rest of your life. It might be the characters that you play as and fall in love with. It also might be the weapons that you use to destroy the enemy. Or the other cool items that you come across in your journey.

Have you ever wondered what these in-game items would look like in real life? You aren’t alone. Some folks have even gone far enough to recreate them in the real world. Here are some of the best video game creations from passionate gamers.

1. B.F.G (DOOM)

This recreation of the famous gun from DOOM was made by My Mini Factory. Built using a 3D printer, it took over 1,000 hours to design and put together this amazing creation. iD software, the developer of DOOM, gave My Mini Factory the in-game files for the B.F.G to make the gun as realistic as possible. And it looks amazing. 

2. Companion Cube (Portal)

One of my favorite games is Portal — and when I found out that someone created the companion cube, I freaked out and wanted to make one myself. The companion cube is used to direct lasers into certain directions to solve puzzles. The AWE me channel on YouTube shows you how to build items from video games, and this one is my favorite. If only I could get a working Portal gun…

3. Needler Gun (Halo)

If you play Halo, you know this weapon. Although it doesn’t do much damage in the game, it still looks really cool. Tested on YouTube created the weapon to exact specifications that he found online. 

4. Chainsaw Machine Gun (Gears of War)

Let’s go back to the AWE me channel for this next creation. One of the best feelings in Gears of War is when you get to execute people. It is way more fun than just shooting them. You get close and you break out this bad boy and split ’em in half. Let’s hope that this gun returns in Gears of War 4

5. Reinhardt Hammer (Overwatch)

I can’t have an article that doesn’t include something Overwatch related. How about Reinhardt’s hammer? If you have played Overwatch, you know that this hammer can take you out in one swing. It has power.

Youtuber ZaziNombies Lego Creations created the hammer out of Legos and it looks incredible. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t do as much damage as the one in the video game. 

What are some of your favorite real-world versions of in-game items? Let me know in the comments!

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