Can’t Get Enough Nier Automata? Try These 3 Other Games Too!

2B's fight to save the future is one of the best adventures that we've had the pleasure to enjoy this year; here are three other games that'll keep that same adrenaline pumping through your veins.

Japanese-developed games are on top of the mountain once again, and while we have games like Breath of The Wild and Persona 5 to attribute that success to, there’s one specific title that’s redefining the term “sleeper hit” in 2017: Platinum-developed NieR: Automata.

The genre-bending action thriller is still being talked about, and it is currently enjoying a steady sales trajectory as Square-Enix was recently able to confirm that the sequel has officially sold over one million copies worldwide. NieR: Automata has plenty to offer with its intriguing presentation and edge-of-your-seat combat, but like any other game, the action does eventually come to an end. And fans are left with waiting around until the release of the upcoming DLC to satiate their appetite in the meantime.

However, what if I told you that there were other games out there that play a lot like Automata in different ways? For anyone who’s still got an itch that only a 32-hit combo can scratch, here are three games that’ll sit right at home with anyone who was a big fan of NieR: Automata.

Transformers: Devastation

There certainly is more here than meets the eye. Transformers: Devastation is another action joint from the folks at Platinum Games, and despite the iconic license -- and pedigree of development behind it -- it was an affair that was largely overlooked after its initial release. The title condenses the ongoing warfare between the Autobots and the Decepticons into a frenetic yet tactful hack ‘n slash venture that features most of your favorite Transformers as playable characters, each with their own distinctive playstyles and move sets.

The visuals feature a cel-shaded look, emphasizing the cartoon aesthetic of the show, remaining faithful to the same caliber of production the show’s acclaimed for. Filled with plenty of fan service, from its collectibles and locales to cameos and more, Transformers: Devastation is a solid title that’s fun for anyone, and incredible for those who already follow Optimus Prime’s crusade against Megatron.

Gravity Rush Remastered

The PlayStation Vita had quite the launch lineup, coming right out the gate with heavy hitters like Uncharted and Wipeout. But there was one particular game that was really special one that was way bigger than the sum of its parts.

Gravity Rush was a unique open-world action game that put a bold new twist on physics and the role they play in a game of this kind -- and now we're able to experience that again in the remastered release of the game for the PlayStatioon 4. The story takes place atop an airborne metropolis by the name of Hekseville, where a young girl named Kat and her mystical feline companion work to protect the city against evil monsters that randomly spawn throughout the city and terrorize the townsfolk.

The realm of possibilities here is mostly limited by your imagination as the flexibility in Kat’s movement can extend to every angle, no matter the tilt or height, making for some interesting maneuverability for any situation. 

Gravity Rush Remastered will take you through a number of quests and missions in the deceptively vast overworld that’s filled with a ton of nooks and crannies specifically designed with Kat’s gravity mechanics in mind -- keeping the theme of the action consistent from start to finish.

Gravity Rush Remastered will definitely give that…rush that NieR: Automata did, and what’s even cooler is that if you pick up Gravity Rush 2, you’ll get access to the promotion collaboration DLC, allowing Kat to dress up like 2B in an exclusive costume add-on for her second adventure.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Killzone never did live up to being the Halo-killing franchise that Sony wanted it to be, but that didn’t stop Guerilla Games from trying their hand again in developing a memorable property for the PlayStation 4. And their efforts paid off. The expansive character action-game Horizon: Zero Dawn isn’t just one of the best games of 2017 -- it’s one of the best games you’ll play on Sony’s PS4 in general.

The vast terrain of Zero Dawn’s landscape is one that’s equally awe-inspiring and intimidating. You’ll scour the robot-infested environments in search of resources and answers. Starring a bushy-eyed protagonist named Aloy, players will be able to use various skills that’re needed to hunt, track, and craft the wide assortment of metal creatures that you’ll come up against, working in hand to level up a variable skill-tree based around the heroine’s proficiency as a survivalist in the post-apocalyptic world of Zero Dawn.

Similar to NieR: Automata’s plug-ins, you’ll get access to several parts from the steel beasts you’ll slay and be able to repurpose them into upgrades that you can craft upon an ever-expanding arsenal of tools and weaponry.

The character development here doesn’t just cover the fundamentals of gameplay, as the plot of Horizon: Zero Dawn is directed by a choice-driven narrative, giving you an extra layer of agency over the kind of person you want Aloy to be.

Anyone with a PlayStation 4 that’s hankering for another strong female lead after their time with NieR: Automata should jump at the chance to pick Horizon: Zero Dawn. The game will offer countless hours of thrills and emotions in its unforgettable campaign.

Ultimately, there’s no other game quite like NieR: Automata, and that’s what makes it so damn good. These games, and others like it, are still some of the best experiences that this current generation of gaming can offer. They are definitely worth a look if Automata left you hungry for more.