Love Duel Links but have been getting bored with it lately? Try out these seven games!

Can’t Get Enough of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links? Try These 7 Games, Too!

Love Duel Links but have been getting bored with it lately? Try out these seven games!

Ever since its worldwide release on January 11, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links has been a massive hit among both old and new fans of the franchise.  Original voice actors from the show reprise their roles in this game, which uses a streamlined version of the trading card game rules -- both of which create a sense of nostalgia for many fans.

But even with its widespread appeal, the mobile card game can get a bit boring after playing for a while, especially when there aren't any special events happening. Sometimes, you might wish there was another similar game you could play while you wait a week or more for the next Duel Links event. When this feeling strikes, here are 7 other games you can try!

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories

For a quick, alternate version of duel monsters. 

Our first pick on the list is also from the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, but this one is available on the original PlayStation rather than mobile devices. Forbidden Memories uses the prototype rules for the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game, and is quite a change from most modern Yu-Gi-Oh! games. But it still plays fast like Duel Links.

Tribute summoning and monster effects are nonexistent. Monsters are allowed to be put in face-up defense position and even face-down attack position. Equip spell cards have slightly different effects and give the correct monsters a permanent ATK boost. And trap cards activate automatically once proper conditions are met.

Players can fuse together monsters without use of the card "Polymerization" and the result can depend on the attribute, type, and ATK strength of the monsters used.

The game also features a strengths and weaknesses system called Guardian Stars, in which players have to pick one out of the available two every time they summon a monster. If the Guardian Star of the attacking monster is strong against the opposing monster's Guardian Star, then the attacker temporarily gains 500 ATK points.

One benefit Forbidden Memories has over Duel Links is that every monster in the game has a 3D model, which can be viewed by going to the action battle screen when one monster attacks another. Forbidden Memories also has a unique story line which was created before the manga was finished.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories is a great alternative to Duel Links if you're looking for another Yu-Gi-Oh! game with a unique spin on it.

WWE Super Card

For the fan of wrestling AND card games.

Hot off the heels of the 33rd Wrestlemania event, we have WWE Super Card.

In this game you collect cards of different wrestlers and have them battle it out in the ring in several different modes, including: 

  • Wild
  • King of the Ring
  • Road to Glory
  • People's Champion Challenge
  • Ring Domination
  • Money in the Bank
  • Royal Rumble
  • Ranked

These eight different modes each have their own set of unique rules, with different rewards and methods to obtain them.

Cards have different stats and rarities, and the stats of a card can be increased when you have two copies of it with maxed out stats. These conditions will let you obtain a Pro Card, which are stronger than normal cards.

Most recently, season 3 of WWE Super Card has added a variety of new features -- including attitudes used to taunt opponents as well as new rewards.

With the popularity of the sport being relatively high right now, this would be a suitable alternative choice to Duel Links if you're a wrestling fan. And there should already be plenty of people to play against online.

Digimon Heroes!

For the fan who prefers Digimon over YuGiOh!

Digimon Heroes! is a match-3 card battle game where you pick five Digital Monsters for your team and battle other teams of Digimon. 

There are five different types of Digimon, and each type has a corresponding color which determines what other cards will help your Digimon attack the opposing team. After a few turns of matching cards of the same color with your Digimon team, at least one of them will be able to use their special skills, which can turn the tides of battle immensely.

Digimon can also become stronger by fusing them together and having them digivolve into more powerful forms.

With Digimon rising in popularity once again from the new movies and video games, Digimon Heroes! would be a good alternative option if you're looking for another quality mobile card game to provide you with a sense of nostalgia.

Pokemon TCG Online

For die hard tablet gamers

Pokemon TCG Online is only playable on PC, Mac, iPad Air, iPad mini, and Android tablets.

This game is similar to Duel Links in that it allows you to play against both computer and real opponents, and players earn rewards and experience from competing against others and beating daily challenges.

Pokemon TCG Online is a bit slower than Duel Links, as it's directly based off of the Pokemon trading card game rather than a streamlined version of it. The game even has both Unlimited and Standard deck construction formats. It also features an online trading system between, which Duel Links sorely needs.

If Pokemon has always been your favorite card game, then you can't go wrong with Pokemon TCG Online.

MAGIC 2015 - Duels of the Planeswalkers

For the hardcore CCG fan

Did you know that Yu-Gi-Oh! was originally inspired by Magic the Gathering? It was! In the original manga, the card game Duel Monsters -- originally known as Magic & Wizards -- is a popular card game from America and that gains a worldwide following.

MAGIC 2015 is somewhat similar to Duel Links. Although it's a little bit slower -- like Pokemon TCG Online -- it can also help you learn how to play the actual trading card game if that's something you're interested in doing. This game contains a detailed tutorial which can easily teach you how to play, but it might be a little difficult if you're used to other TCGs.

Just like previous games on this list, there are single player and multiplayer modes, purchasable in-game booster packs, and plenty of rewards.

If Magic the Gathering was always easier for you to understand than Yu-Gi-Oh!, then MAGIC 2015 isn't only a great alternative option, but probably one you'll enjoy even more than Duel Links.

UNO & Friends

For the tabletop card player

This color and number matching card game has been a popular tabletop choice for decades, so it's only fitting that it would join the world of mobile card game apps.

In UNO & Friends, you can play in tournaments, play 2v2, and play against others online -- all for free! What makes this app stand out is that there are Pokemon-like companions which you can unlock and level up to use special skills. There are also power-ups called boosts, which you can use to enhance your chances of victory.

If the other games on this list haven't interested you, but you love to play UNO with your friends all the time, then UNO & Friends is the game for you.

Pocket Card Jockey

For Solitaire lovers who want a fresh take (or 3DS owners looking for some new fun)

Our last pick is a Nintendo 3DS eShop Exclusive by Pokemon developer, GameFreak.

In Pocket Card Jockey, you start as a rookie jockey who breeds and raises horses so that eventually you'll become the best (like no jockey ever was). You'll take these horses to the races to test their mettle. 

The horse races you participate in are unique in that playing solitaire affects how well your horse does in the race. The faster and more successfully you play a game of Solitaire, the better your horse will perform. But instead of playing just one game of Solitaire each race, you play one for each length of the race -- so the game keeps you on your toes for as long as your horse is racing.

If you want to play Solitaire with a unique twist, or are looking for an interesting Nintendo 3DS exclusive to play before Nintendo starts to focus on the Switch, then Pocket Card Jockey is a great game to try. A free demo is currently available for download or the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

And many more...

These are only seven out of the near infinite number of card games you can play when you've finished YuGiOh! Duel Links.  These types of games have appeared on nearly every game console and mobile device ever made, so there are plenty for you to choose from. The games listed here are only a few suggestions for things to pick up when you need to scratch the itch and you're bored of everything in your library. 

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