“Does something look odd to you?” – Disproportionate characters in gaming

You ever look at a character and think something looks off? Here's a list of a few characters with overly big...parts.

Have you ever noticed something off about some of your favorite video games characters? Whether it's a stylistic choice or a slip-up with scale, there is something about these characters that looks a bit off.

I am by no means saying the following characters are poorly designed, they just have certain enlarged or smallish features about them that we can't help but notice.

Image source: Guardian

The COGs (Gears of War series)

On the planet Sera, not only are steroids completely legal, but they are mandatory. Marcus Fenix and company look primed to burst into an explosion of manly bro-ness at any vein-pulsing second. You know, the Locusts might have actually been threatening if their human adversaries weren't already built like the Incredible Hulk on Muscle Milk. 

Image source: GOW Series

 Sorceress (Dragon's Crown)

BOOBS! You thought the early Lara Croft was stacked? HA! The Sorceress from Dragon's Crown makes poor Lara and the entire cast of Soul Calibur 4 look like prepubescent boys. How she gets around without having to wear a back brace is a miracle, but then again, her lofty bosom is probably where she stores her magic. So you know, there's practicality to her bustiness. 

Image source: IGN

 Larry (Leisure Suit Larry) 

Oh Larry, the poor little bachelor just can't catch a break! All he wants is to finally score himself a hot babe, but with a head that large and a body that small, accomplishing that will happen about as often as spotting Bigfoot riding on the back of the Loch Ness Monster. But hey, you know what they say about having a big head, right...? Yeah, I don't, either. 

Image source: Pixel Perfect Gaming

Bayonetta (Bayonetta) 

I do enjoy the Bayonetta games, but something about her is well...kinda freakish. With her incredibly tall stature, Bayonetta's head always seemed really small in comparison. Although maybe this was intentional, it's one of those things that once you notice, you can't stop looking at it.

Image source: We Heart It

Jim Raynor (Star Craft)

We like em' gruff and we like em' buff. Especially when we take somebody already super massively huge and put them in an even more super massively huge suit or armor! OH, MY GAAAWWWD! Move over Marcus Fenix: Jim Raynor makes the COGs look like a little league team playing softball at a Sunday picnic! MANSPLOSION!

Image source: Comic Vine

Ryo (Shenmue series)

Alright, on first glance, you might think I'm reaching on this one, but hear me out, Ryo is a disproportionate mess that deserves his spot on this list, too. Just look at him, take a long hard look. Do you not see anything a tad out of the ordinary? I don't know, maybe his arms look a little too long or his torso looks a bit too short? That's right, now you're seeing it, aren't you? Maybe Ryo shouldn't have been seeking revenge on Lan Di, but on the blind character designer that decided to give him the limbs of a chimp. 

Image source: Shenmue Dojo

But then again, Ryo's got bigger issues than disproportionate limbs.

Are there any other characters that look slightly...off? If so, let me know in the comments!

Image source: Tumblr