PS VR is a great way to experience horror, and with Here They Lie becoming more accessible I look at 5 current VR horror games available on Sony's platform.

Five Horror Games to Scare You Silly on PSVR

PS VR is a great way to experience horror, and with Here They Lie becoming more accessible I look at 5 current VR horror games available on Sony's platform.

Here They Lie is back in gamers sights again, as what began life as a PS VR only launch title, has received a substantial update, and is now playable now as a standard release for the PS4 Pro and PS4 featuring HDR and 4K support.

The game is also being patched to improve the game's visual appeal on the headset too, with a higher quality render-mode for PS4 Pro on PS VR. Better shadows, post-processing effects, dynamic flashlight shadows, and ambient occlusion.

Here They Lie has been made far more accessible for fans of the survival horror genre in taking the same accessible approach as Resident Evil 7, and hopefully a positive sign that other developers will patch in both standard and VR playstyles. 

The best way to experience this game is still through the VR headset, as the game was designed with virtual reality in mind. So while we await more horror VR titles to arrive on Sony's platform, I am about to list five survival horror games that you can play right now on the PS VR.

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Here They Lie 

Despite already mentioning Here They Lie, it's definitely worth taking a closer look at this game with its bizarre yet effective imagery, clever level design and very effective scares. The game is probably more comparable to Silent Hill than Resident Evil, and makes good use of difficult moral choices that help lead to a satisfying ending.

As already mentioned Here They Lie has been updated to be playable with and without the PS VR headset -- just like Resident Evil VII -- along with vast list of improvements that help make the experience better than ever.

The low tech visuals have been greatly improved with the recent patch which completely reworked the overall texture streaming to help increase sharpness and performance overall. There's never been a better time to jump into the horrific world of Here They Lie.

Weeping Doll 

Weeping Doll puts you in the shoes of a maid who becomes embroiled in a dark family secret that unveils itself as you progress further into the game's story.

The experience becomes quite tense and foreboding as you progress through the house with doors locking around you, or you spot a little girl spying on you from various corners of the house, disappearing as you get too close.

The game isn't a difficult one, but it is very atmospheric and can be more than a little creepy --  it doesn't get much creepier than the weird looking dolls.

The Brookhaven Experiment

The Brookhaven Experiment available originally on HTC Vive and now PS VR and can probably be considered a VR version of a lightgun game like House Of The Dead where you can aim and shoot with the PlayStation Move controllers.

On its own may be considered a fairly generic experience, but obviously what makes this game so much more immersive is the headsets ability to truly make you feel surrounded.

There's not a great deal of depth in this game but the tension is racked up a great deal by the virtual reality experience that helps take you out of your comfort zone as you never truly feel safe throughout.

Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood

Much like The Brookhaven Experiment, Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood is very much a lightgun game but this game puts you in the cart of a very literal haunted house of horrors carnival fair ground ride.

The gameplay is on-rails as you shoot your way through a checklist of nightmarish creatures and experiences, and there is some really effective imagery and disturbing set pieces, but it's at its most effective when dealing with more mundane fears like arachnophobia -- if you have a genuine fear of spiders then you have been warned.

There's some great use of the 3D audio and jump scares that feel very up close and personal, and although it's a launch title it's a game that shows the obvious future potential for the hardware and is one worth experiencing.

Resident Evil 7 

If you're looking for one of the best examples of effective virtual reality be it horror or another genre, Resident Evil 7 has you covered.

Resident Evil 7 is a scary game even without the VR headset but the tension can reach almost suffocating levels through VR. There's a real deep sense of immersion and the realistic graphics only help make it feel all the more unnerving and uncomfortable.

RE7 on the VR is the absolute benchmark for how survival horror should be done on the format and no doubt other developers will soon follow suit for future titles.

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