From a cheeky dog to an evil glove: 5 memorable video game laughs

Any gamer has their own list of favorite parts and trivia of a video game, from funny quotes to catchy battle themes. But what about laughs?

Any gamer has their own list of favorite parts and trivia of a video game, from funny quotes to catchy battle themes. But what about laughs?
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Try as I might, there are some memorable laughs from video games that I can never seem to forget. Whether they’re hilariously terrible or cheerfully amusing, these laughs are remembered because of how they contribute a certain “something” that makes a game unforgettable.

For a well-known example, think of Duck Hunt’s dog cackle at a Game Over screen. Nothing to cry home about — but when mentioned, fellow Duck Hunt gamers will know exactly what you’re referencing. 

…and you might hear a frustrated sigh in the process. *grumble*

Everyone has their own set of giggles and guffaws, so here are 5 memorable laughs from my own personal memory bank:

1. Final Fantasy X: Tidus’s Laugh

Let’s start off with something well-known to be an example of a “bad” voice-acting clip — Tidus’s laugh. In this part of Final Fantasy X, protagonist guardian Tidus is feeling very down, and his summoner friend Yuna tries to cheer him up. She encourages him to smile and laugh loudly over the balcony, in which Tidus complies — albeit sounding like a protesting crow in the process.

Not crow-like enough you say? Check out the Japanese dub of Tidus’s laugh too, for an even better example of Tidus trying to channel his inner spirit animal.

2. Resident Evil 4: The Merchant’s Laugh

The RE4 merchant is a helpful shopkeeper through Leon S. Kennedy’s travels in rural “not-Spain”, offering weapon and carrying capacity upgrades along with a place to sell many trinkets and treasures the player finds on his journey.

Every time something (a treasure/ammo/weapon/whatever) is sold to him, the merchant goes “HEHEHEHE–thank you!”. He has many other memorable quotes when making business with Leon (which makes him one of the best shopkeepers ever), but his pleased gruff little chuckle is my favorite of all his little nuances.

Also small fun fact: Leon S. Kennedy and the Merchant from Resident Evil 4 both have the same voice actor, Paul Mercier. (It’s almost as if he’s talking to — or laughing at — himself!)

3. Persona 4: Yukiko’s Laugh

Yukiko can come off condescending or frivolous at times, but her occasional laughing fits are a nice positive change of pace for her character type in Persona 4 (and the updated superior remake Persona 4: Golden).

In this particular clip, she’s trying a pair of special glasses that Teddie made for her. Soon after, she finds another more amusing pair of lenses to try on, and offers them to her friend Chie to sample. Chie’s goofy appearance causes Yukiko to start giggling uncontrollably, much to the party’s chagrin and surprise.

While some might find her laugh annoying and dislike her more than others, it certainly is a more pleasant part of what makes Yukiko special from the rest of the cast.

4. King of Fighters: Iori’s Laugh

Iori Yagami from the King of Fighters series is a constant staple to the fighting game cast, and along with him he brings one of my favorite victory laughs. Iori simply cannot contain his mirth, and thus his quiet chuckles soon build up to a huge guffaw at his defeated enemy.

While charming, Iori’s laughter is also a stinging taunt to the losing side as they slouch on the ground, egging opponents on for another match to give Iori players their comeuppance.

5. Glover: Cross-Stitch’s Laugh

Last but not least is Cross-Stitch, the main antagonist from a slightly obscure Nintendo 64/PlayStation/PC platformer title called Glover. Cross-Stitch’s laugh is what makes an otherwise cheery 3D game levels into an ominous environment, as his laugh echoes in the distance when the main character traverses the hazy red-filtered map to go to another playable level.

Color-filled collectable goodness (left) to empty reddish wasteland (right)

To give more of a sense of how dismal the place feels, have a listen to the track for the red overworld at the beginning of the game. Imagine Cross-Stitch’s laughter echoing in sporadic bursts during the song, and you’ll find yourself in my haunting childhood memories.

These are a few memorable laughs from my personal experience, but what about you reader? What are some laughs that you find memorable? Why do you think so? Please share a thought in the comments below!

[Pictures retrieved from GIPHYGiant Bomb, and the King of Fighters Wiki]

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